Starting out in life again after a long term relationship can be difficult. But how hard can it really be? Only you can make the initial decision to take that first step into the world of internet dating.

If you're single and you've already built a life, perhaps had a long term relationship before and maybe had a family of your own, it can feel a little overwhelming to try and work out how you will start again. People may have suggested to you that you could meet people online, which is one of the most popular ways now for couples to meet. One in eight couples now say they have met the love of their life through the internet.

It can feel a little scary however. Who is the person you are talking to? Will you be safe if you meet up with them? And then there are all the normal dating issues. Such as will they like you, or measure up to be the person you thought they were?

A lot of these issues can be resolved by taking the stress off. Using the internet to find someone is just about using a tool to increase your social networks. It's likely that you've moved past the need to go out to pubs and clubs to connect with people - if you are at one, it's likely you're there because you're hanging out with friends and not because you in the mood to meet someone else. You could meet someone at work, but that's complicated, and if you're working in an office or job where everyone else is the same gender as you, or all paired up, that's not going to be an easy place to find someone.

If you think you would like to try to meet people online, then you will need to create an online profile. This tells people about you and helps them see some of your personality and character. Sometimes it's a good idea to use a pen and paper first to work out what you want to say, as typing your thoughts directly onto a screen can feel a little weird. If you want moral support, join up at the same time as a friend, and work out your profiles together, perhaps over a wine. Make it more fun rather than feeling like you are going for a job interview!

Once it's done, you can take a look at the other people on the site, and maybe send an email or two to some people. Just be yourself, be positive and think of it as an initial conversation like you would have at a party. Mention something in their profile that you liked, and find a point of interest. It's easier than you think to meet people online - try it today!

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Sheila and Tony met a few years ago on a singles dating site and are now happily married. Having personal experience of the joy that internet dating services can offer, they have made it their goal to bring happiness to others. After 5 years planning and research Lovenotes Dating was born.
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