Getting old isn’t easy for many of us. Neither is living, for that matter and neither is dying. We struggle against the inevitable and we all suffer because of it.
It seems we have to find another way to look at the whole process of being born, growing old, changing, and dying, some kind of perspective that might allow us to deal with what we perceive as big obstacles without having to be dragged through the dramas of life.
It really helps to understand that we are something more than just these bodies and the dramas we create. Something which is unchangeable, beautiful, completely aware, and continues no matter what occurs in circumstance and situation a place to refer that gives that expansive feeling of being connected and authentic.
Like many my traversing to the over sixties has bought about some change. And I’d like not to refer so much here to the body changes, because I think we all know what they look like. Yes they can be a little daunting at first, but when you get used to them they become like the sun and moon rising and setting, a knowing of the true undertakings of life and that we are a part of the whole not separate and not wanting to change what is inevitable. The human experience of the cycles of life; to not embrace these changes or to deny their existence will cause a certain anxiety in this phase of life.
You may have wanted to stay with a “youthful” look, and have experienced the anxiety this can cause because of the inevitable change that aging brings. If we believe that the natural cycles have a place in our life then discovering what aging has in store for us is a wonderful opportunity.
The journey, because this is what it is, through this third stage of life, will throw up many challenges. Not the least of which is the deterioration of some of our body parts.
Some people ask the question; “Is this really necessary, could we avoid this aging process altogether”? I think that is a very interesting idea and one we can all contemplate. And in the meantime while the body does show signs of deterioration, is there a purpose?
As the body changes from and the bodies purpose during youth, to work and provide and reproduce changes to a slower less worldly endeavour, the idea of contemplation or turning inward to ask some of life’s bigger questions. What is it all for, why am I here?
These and similar questions are necessary to begin to know who we are. The unfolding of these questions is uniquely individual and is revealed at a pace that can be heard experienced and integrated.
The central core of this inquiry is that we are much more than just a body.
And it is the exploration of this consciousness and to identify a purpose that is mindful and feels right for each bringing in a grounded satisfied peacefulness that belies aging. But integrates the purpose of aging; this is stepping up to Eldership and displaying our Wisdom to a world I believe is waiting for and ready to hear from Elders.
Picking up the mantel of Sage-ing rather just age-ing
Margo Knox

Author's Bio: 

Margo Knox is a coach for those who are retireing, aging, looking to find purpose and a new vision.
Margo's appraoch is unique in that she helps people to step up to be the Elder.