When the sun starts to come out, the kids head outside – often leaving their game room in disarray. We’ve thought up a few strategies to help you avoid playing Tetris with your gaming systems.

1. Creative storage. Depending on the console you own and the entertainment unit or TV stand you have, there are different ways you could store the console. You could use an under-shelf wire basket which attaches by just slipping on to the shelf above it to create more space in a cabinet.

2. Get stacked. If you currently have more than one system set up, they can be stacked using wire racks to separate the consoles, so they do not get over heated. These are sold to be used in kitchen cupboards.

3. Don’t play games with storage. Games can be stored in DVD racks, or you can take them out of the cases and along with their instruction books, put them in a CD book/binder.

4. Dancing around accessories. Larger accessories such as Dance Dance Revolution mats or Guitar Hero guitars can be stored under the couch (if there is enough room) in plastic containers designer for under-bed storage.

5. Don’t get tied to controllers. Controllers can be coiled up and placed in a drawer or bin when not being used. This prevents people from tripping on them and dust collecting on and around them. Wireless controllers are a good option, if you think it will be difficult to get your family to wrap up the cords after use.

6. Strike the right cord. Get ahold of wires and cords with zip cords, twist ties, or Velcro tie backs. Mad Catz makes a hub so that up to four systems can be hooked up to the TV at the same time. Also, each video game system company creates special carrying bags for their consoles that also have room for games and controllers.

Enjoy your games, but keep headaches at bay with simple storage solutions.

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