Are you planning to go for an adventure? There are several items that you need to put into consideration when packing your items to use in the course time. Different individuals consider carrying different items depending on what one likes most.

We people who love taking photos. For such, the most items found on their list are the cameras. There are those who love food too. These are the ones who pack a load of snacks that they even carry clothes to change.

All in all, these are 5 best adventure travel gears that should not miss while you are packing. They are listed and explained in the following text.

1.Travel water bottle

In the course of your adventure, it is essential to keep hydrated. A lot of water is lost as you move from one place to another. That is why carrying a water bottle is important to keep refreshing your body for they say that water is life.

You cannot make to carry a huge bottle of water to all your destinations. This is a very tedious thing to do. With the travel water bottle, you will be able to carry what you can use conveniently.

Some of the places that you intend to visit might not have any water available, and this would affect your adventure due to thirst. You may also need to bite some snacks, and since you have touched so many items during the trip, you require to clean your hands.

It is not necessarily the place that you want to drink water as they are snacks. That is the reason why you should not forget to pack a water bottle as a significant requirement for your adventure.

2. Sunglasses

When you plan to go for an adventure, the most used part of the body is your eyes. Or why do you plan to go for one?

You want to explore and identify the beauty of Gods creations as well as getting to know new places.

Protecting the eyes from the mild sun rays is therefore very important. As you take your trips to different places of your choice, chances are that you are exposed to the sun the whole time. You may not feel its mildness during that time due to the excitement and fun.

In the real sense, it is usually hot. The eyes are majorly affected by the sun. When you wear the sunglasses, the risk of the eyes getting damaged is reduced. This is because they have a sunscreen that prevents the sun rays from reaching your eyes.

Apart from shielding your eyes, the sunglasses come with as a sense of style as you wear them and prevents your eyes from dust particles. Always consider packing sunglasses as you prepare for an adventure.

3. Survival knife

One may ask themselves, why do I need a knife yet am going for an adventure? The adventure may involve getting to the forest where you require something to cut your food within the course.

Then there is this worst part of it. Imagine getting attacked by wild animals or thugs? This is not a wonder as people get attacks during their adventures.

If you are not armed, it will be so difficult to confront your attacker. Most of these wild animals are strong and fierce that you cannot handle them plainly. You need to be armed else death will knock your door.

Thugs also think you are loaded so they may come to steal what you have. With a survival knife, you can be able to defend yourself against any attack dangers. You must also know how to use the knife that you choose to pack. This is to prevent injuring yourself with it giving your predator an ample time to feast on you.

Choose the right knife to serve your purpose well. It is therefore vital to include a survival knife in your best adventure travel gear.

4. Fastest Charge Power bank

Communication is an important factor in human survival. Even as you go for an adventure, you need to keep in touch with friends and family and remind them that you are safe.

In the course of the adventure, your phone may go out of power. That is why it is essential to have a backup plan on how to keep it working.

You may need it for many reasons like looking for directions and time to be taken to reach your destinations. Without this guide, you won't achieve the objectives of taking the trip at all. People might also get worried when they fail to reach out to you. In your travel list, it is important to always include a fast charge power bank as one of the major necessities.

5. Headlamp

The headlamp turns out to be among the best adventure travel gear. As you plan to go for adventure is important to ask yourself these questions.

For how long am I going to be away and at what time will I come back? Of course, nobody wants to get home late unless you planned to adventure even at night.

Even when you plan on returning early, it is mandatory to have a headlamp. Not all planned things go the way we want. Again you do not know the rest of the day holds. Actually when on an adventure, you forget that you were supposed to be home before darkness comes. The fun in it makes you forget everything.

Imagine you went hiking and darkness come in and you do not have a headlamp. Will you sleep on top of that hill? How will you be able to find your way out in the thickets when it is all dark? You, therefore, realize that without a headlamp there is no need of risking your precious life in the name of adventure. In your to pack list, always underline the headlamp.


The 5 items above are the best adventure travel gear that everyone should put into consideration while planning to go for an adventure.

Without them, life will be so difficult, and your chances of enjoying yourself will be limited. Why would you want to limit yourself from enjoying what you wanted most? Hopes it is not out of ignorance. Ensure that you include them in your travel checklist and you will definitely have a great time and an experience to remember.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.