Do you suffer in silence from anxiety and panic attacks? If so you are hardly alone. There are countless people out there who are just like you, and suffering from anxiety and panic attacks constantlly can be a very lonely place to be. I know, because I suffered in my own silence with extreme anxiety for years of my life.

I spent those years feeling like the severe anxiety attacks were going to kill me someday. I was scared every minute of the day, and no matter how I tried to talk to other people about it, I just felt like nobody really understood.

And forget about telling people how many times I ended up in emergency rooms thinking I was having a heart attack at the age of 26, they really wouldn't have understood that. I would ultimately end up in hospitals a few times before finally believing that I was not going to die every time I had a severe anxiety attack.

After a while I found a great doctor that looked after me though. I explained what I was going through and he assured me that I was just having anxiety, and nothing worse. To be sure of this, I had to get a bit of blood work done to make absolutely sure that I wasn't suffering from a medical condition that would give me symptoms similar to anxiety so he would know for sure.

And it turned out that the only thing that was really wrong with me was that I had an anxiety disorder. Even though it was tough to know that there was anything wrong with me at all, it was good to know that I was only suffering from something in my mind. At my doctor's advice, I started getting some exercise which helped keep me a lot more calm than I had been previously.

I finally started to realize that while an anxiety disorder was not much fun at all, it was something that I just might be able to control. Once you do figure out that anxiety is not going to kill you, it is pretty amazing how you can change things in your own life for the better of your mental health.

At times I did take medications, but I always found that they just made me feel worse. I learned that when I made some of the simple lifestyle changes is really when I started to feel better in my mind. Even with light exercise, I noticed an increase in my overall mood. This is because exercising releases serotonin into the body, and this chemical is responsible for our moods.

On top of feeling accomplished by doing regular exercise, the actual benefit it had on my thoughts was pretty amazing even though I still had a ways to go.

This and many other changes that I made in my life is what finally got me on the road to finding out how to cure my anxiety for good.

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