You still live in the old belief that the menopause-aged women are naturally grumpy and they are supposed to be? Are not and should not be. Discomfort you can get help.

menopause, hot flushes, a reluctance to everyone feels very un-comfortable, in general, sweating, mood swings and insomnia individually. Other hand, about one in five women notice the change only the beginning of the year, the period for six weeks.

- Help, hormone therapy and perhaps therapy, should apply, for example, if exhausting sweats and insomnia, so that even afraid of being crazy or if the depression harm to the patients' says health experts.

Unfortunately, many women have too high a threshold to seek help. It is thought that the symptoms and the nausea of menopause. But they do not fall. Menopause does not have to suffer. Still too old to live in the false belief that the menopause-aged women are naturally grumpy and they should be. It is not known how bad the living and the pleasure a woman really can be.

- If the work comes new responsibilities in addition to the former, survival can be difficult, since the concentration may not be quite the same. Women struggling at work may seem distracted. Others think it might be strange, even though she tries to be involved in what he can.
Stress at work can cause excitement and insomnia, as the younger. Then may indeed be already time for self-esteem and appearance of the pressure, perhaps eventually it treats. Intercourse desire for one reason or another is familiar with menopause, at least from time to time up to the other woman.

No one, of course, have to be interested. Intercourse should not be granted, if you do not feel like anything. Intercourse Problems not resolved by agreeing to necessity. If you want to nurture the relationship, Health experts advise stir up interest in investing in mutual affection.
The desire, however, is far more mental than physical matter. The lack of it, therefore, not only due to decrease in estrogen levels. But the mind can play tricks on you and make misleading.

- A woman may think that the reluctance is precisely due to menopause. It may even seem like he does not want out is not a very effective at all. Erection problems may sadden a man and his concern is, what your partner thinks of them. Instead of considering each of them separately liable, you should of course feel free to talk about your concerns. If talking is not effective suggest writing a letter to the other.

- While the computer. But e-mail is not happy to be sent, but printed, so that one gets a real letter in black and white, he advises. The letter must be constructive, not accusatory or bitter, for such a move things forward. We should focus on to tell you how I feel and what you would wish for. Maybe another excited to respond to the letter. Or at least, it often encourages to talk about things.

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