The monk just finished clearing and purifying his mind with meditation, and decided to have a glorious walk with one of his students. On the walk the student began to spew arrogance, pride, vulgarity, and vanity. The monk quietly said,”please don’t wipe your dirty feet on my mind.”
When having idle conversation with others, we should be mindful not to contaminate other people’s mind’s with our own constant and obsessive worries, negativities, fears, anger, and judgements. It doesn’t do the listener a favor, and it surely doesn’t serve the talker as well. The more we give attention to what we don’t want, the more it expands and grows.
How can we manage our own children, employees, jobs, and finances when we can’t even manage our minds. As within, so without. It starts with our minds and then ripples out into the world. We can begin with managing our minds and then it reflects in conversations with others. Be cautious, conscious, and contemplative of your thoughts and words. It will then emanate out into the universe in unbelievable, amazing, and ecstatic ways.
What if we can’t help vomiting onto our friends and families? Well, it is a daily practice and it takes daily diligence. Would you think of skipping your morning teeth cleaning ritual? Also, you could have the same ritual with cleaning your mind. Here are a few morning routines you can implement in your daily life;

1. list your worries and fears and then place them in a God box
2.write a faith list of all the things you know God is going to assist and guide you with
3.have some daily meditation books next to your bed in the morning and read a page upon awakening
4.sit on a chair, cushion, or couch in morning for five to ten minutes and connect with your breath soon as you wake up, take a walk or a run, and throughout your workout recite all the things you are grateful for
6.choose to have a positive day filled with two things that bring you innate joy
7.throughout the day only speak about what you want to magnify and expand
8.learn to literally train the brain

You can do it!

Author's Bio: 

Susan Foxley is a certified life coach, yoga instructor, and bodyworker for over 18 years. Susan has studied both in United States and India, with many masters along her path of personal growth. She resides in Santa Monica and has a full schedule of yoga instruction and conducting life coaching workshops. Find out more about Susan at