Here are five fairly simple to take some of the stress out of your life. They don’t always work, yet what does?

1. Problems seldom exist at the level they're expressed. To resolve some conflicts, look for the problem that underlies what you're discussing. Ask yourself where the actual concern originates.

2. If you're involved in an argument lasting more than 10 minutes, stop and ask yourself, Are we arguing about the core disagreement or is there a deeper issue that we're not discussing?

3. You can't cultivate positive people with negative feedback. Give vivid, specific praise about your colleagues, and praise them in front of people who are important to them. Whatever behavior you praise, you encourage to flourish.

4. Make a habit of asking others about their interests before talking about your own. It shows respect for that person's feelings and needs. And it will lift your spirits as well as theirs. Go the extra mile and ask a follow-up question.

In so doing you learn more about the other person – and about yourself as you observe the part the conversation that most interested you to continue. That insight may carry you forward, away from the gray feelings.

5. Go slow to go fast. In any situation, help everyone involved feel comfortable with each other and the situation before proceeding further.

Author's Bio: 

Kare Anderson is an Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter, now connective behavior and quotability speaker, author and columnist for Forbes. Anderson’s TED talk on The Web of Humanity: Be an Opportunity Maker has attracted over 2.3 million views. Her TEDx talk on Redefine Your Life Around a Mutuality Mindset is now a standard session for employees and invited clients at 14 national and global corporations. Her clients are as diverse as Salesforce, Novartis, and The Skoll Foundation. She was a founding board member of Annie’s Homegrown, co-founder of nine women’s political PACs, and author of Mutuality Matters, Moving From Me to We, Beauty Inside Out, Walk Your Talk, Getting What You Want, and Resolving Conflict Sooner. Anderson serves on the advisory boards of The Business Innovation Factory, Gloopt, TEDxMarin and World Affairs Council Marin. Discover more at her blog, Moving From Me To We.