It's time to get off your butt and create your life instead of letting your life just happen to you. You can take the first step right now by establishing a daily Creative Practice.

A Creative Practice is a practical routine you do each day that sharpens your creative ability, gives you a break from left brain work and brings you one step closer to creating the life you are meant to have. Studies show that if you perform a task on a regular basis it will eventually become habit. And you only get better at something if you practice it every day. So it's not enough to read another "Create the life of your dreams" book. If you want a more creative life then Creative Practices must become an integral part of your day.

A Creative Practice can be simple or complex but it should never be complicated. My all time favorite and most effective daily Creative Practice is to record all my ideas in my Idea Notebook. I am an idea person (as most creative people are). It's a gift but it's also a curse. I used to get so overwhelmed with all the ideas that pop in my head every day. I needed an outlet to get my ideas out of my head but I needed it to be simple enough so that I'd actually keep the practice going. My Idea Notebook is invaluable creative resource because it's easy to use but extremely effective.

A Creative Practice must fit in with your current lifestyle. I have always wanted to write a novel and have plans to write a non-fiction book as well. At this time I don't have many hours to devote to writing my books but I do know that I need to write every day if I want to keep my writing skills polished. So I developed the Creative Practice of participating in C. Beth's One Minute Writer writing prompts every day. It's only one minute but it give me regular writing practice.

So how about you? What are your dreams and passions? What creative task would you like to make a habit? Here are 3 simple steps you can do right now to jumpstart your Creative Practice.

First, evaluate your life right now. What is your schedule like? What areas of your life would you like to improve? How much time do you have to devote to your Creative Practice? What is your goal?

Second, write down a simple practice you can do each day that will help you achieve your goal. For instance I carry around my Idea Notebook and do a writing prompt every day. Set aside a block of time for your Creative Practice and write it in your planner. Treat this time like you would treat any other appointment you commit to. Don't worry about how long it will take you to accomplish your goal. If you can only devote a few hours each week right now then you must start there. Later-when-I-have-more-time will never come. You will also get burned out if you take on too much so don't try to pack your day.

Third, seek out people or other resources that can help keep you motivated toward your goals. I am a firm believer that the more people we have on our "team" the better our success rate will be. It's hard to ask for help or to confide in others about our dreams and passions but it's so worth it and rewarding to know that someone is on our side and cares about us.

Creative Exercise: Motivation Board
Since our goals are intangible it's hard to keep them in focus. You can create a Motivation Board to help remind you of your dreams and goals. Don't think about the process you will take to get there; only focus on the reward.

Poster Board
Magazines or images from the internet
Markers or other art supplies
About 1 or 2 hours

After you gather your supplies write your goal at the top of the poster board. Be as specific as possible. So if you want to loose weight don't just write "Loose Weight." Evaluate your life and decide how much weight you want to loose and choose a reasonable deadline.

Then search for images in magazines or on the internet that pertain to your goal.

Get creative by asking yourself these questions:
If my goal was a color what would it be?
If I had to describe my goal in three words what would they be?
What will my rewards be for realizing my goal?

When you have collected your images paste them to the poster board.

Hang your Motivation Board where you can see it every day. You can even take a picture of it and print a wallet-sized version to carry with you.

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Author's Bio: 

Sara Ortiz spends her life in the Midwest drawing inspiration from the beautiful landscape and small city living. She is a Renaissance Soul who has worked as a graphic designer, children's book illustrator, writer, blogger, children's clothing designer and crafter but is always first and foremost an entrepreneur. Most recently Sara launched her new business, Sara Ortiz Workshops, and her blog, and publishes Creativity On A Mission Newsletter.

Through her business Sara offers Creativity Kits like The Creative Soul Kit and Your Blossoming Heart Kit. She also offers private and group creative workshops, seminars, teleseminars and teleworkshops. Her intention is always to use Creative Practices to help people connect with their Present Selves, create a new journey and design a more fulfilling present.

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