Have you ever thought something was going to happen just because its what you thought you deserved?

Or that somebody else knew something because you knew it?

“Yes, I have, Mike. What’s the big deal? Everybody does it.”

Here’s the big deal.

If you think something is supposed to happen just because you think its going to happen, it probably won’t.

If you think somebody else knows something because you know it, then they probably don’t.

What’s the problem with thinking this way?

It’s that if you think this way you are setting yourself up for embarrassment or, even worse, failure.

If you think this way you may tend to take shortcuts.

If you think this way you may not try your hardest or put in your best effort.

If you think this way you may say something to somebody that you’ll regret.

If you go into a presentation assuming that your audience has knowledge that they don’t, somebody, probably you, is going to look bad.

That’s a lot of not so good things that spring out of one bad decision, isn’t it?

Well, and I don’t want to take it for granted here, but it should be obvious how to keep these things from happening.

I’ll just put it right out front and center.

Ready for it?

Here it is: Don’t take anything for granted!


Okay, okay, I’ll get away from the cliché.

Any time you are in a situation where you have to say something, do something, or react to what somebody else does, take a moment before you do anything and carefully consider your decision.

Will your decision move the situation in a positive direction?

If the decision does not do that, you should really think hard about what you just decided to do.

So, to avoid potentially embarrassing situations, or times when you may inadvertently insult someone, stop for a second and....

Don’t take anything for granted!

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