Girls are very much possessive in nature. Breakup for them is heart breaking. It's not the first time that they have broken up with each other and made up in a few days' time. But for some unfortunate ones, breaking up means really breaking up.

A lot of women around the globe feel like their world is collapsing around them when they lose their relationship. We can sometimes lose touch with our own personality and identity when we are in a relationship for a long period of time. And when this relationship disappears, it can feel like we've lost the foundation of our life. You might be heavily depressed with your self-esteem severely damaged. Maybe you are even having suicidal thoughts.

Trying to pressure him back with words or actions will just help you to achieve the opposite. If this isn't what you want, then you need to choose your words carefully as you learn how to win your boyfriend back.

Don'ts to get your boyfriend back:

Control over emotions

Never let your life to control emotions. Emotions play very delicate role in relationships. No control over emotions bridges gap in your relation. Rather no guy wants to have such girl back in her life that cannot control her nerves over emotions. This might be difficult to think again from your heart rather from mind but to get him back, you need to force your heart to think.

Avoid frequent calling and texts

You are irritating you man by doing this. If you really want him to make understand that you still miss him and reminds of him, try calling once, no response simply drop a message and not more than that. More than this would not be acceptable. Control your desperation and let him realize you're important in his life.

Do not feel sorry

Empathy and sympathy are totally separate terms. Do empathize your partner but never sympathize. Apologizing once is a great sign of true love. It shows that your care more than him and wants your love back. Never feel sorry or avoid telling him that he is the only one for you and you want him desperately. Don't even try to pressurize him because men are not among those who get back with fear. Not just to him rather don't feel sorry to yourself which definitely break your confidence in pieces.

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