Dorbuk Visitor Management System comes as a comprehensive solution to cater to the requirements of visitor management for space. One of the best parts of this software program is its user-friendliness, simple configuration, and streamlined usage. It can keep track of visitors to a place efficiently with ease.


Why Dorbuk Visitor Management System?

Handwritten records are susceptible to damages. Moreover, privacy and safety concerns are also there. On the other hand, Dorbuk Visitor Management System is available as a safe option to monitor the visitors of a place. The software system features a best-in-class self-service kiosk. It enables visitors to check-in as well as check-out with great convenience. The web interface of the software program lets designated office staff and visitors perform data management on a real-time basis.

Dorbuk Visitor Management System: The Work Structure

The configuration of the Dorbuk Visitor Management System depends on the requirements of the respective organization. When it comes to receiving particular information from visitors, the designated office staff is free to add queries. For example, adding the address of the visitors can be made mandatory. The software program helps its authorized user to keep track of invitees and direct walk-in visitors.
Moreover, the visitors can fill in the data in the Dorbuk Visitor Management System kiosk without any external help. When it comes to invited guests, the designated office staff can go for pre-registration of the details of the visitors. Then, a PIN (6-digit) needs to be generated. The next step is to send the invitation to the guests.

When it’s time to check-in, the visitors need to enter the same PIN to complete the verification process. The main goal is to grant access to enter the premises to only the authentic visitors. It helps to keep unauthorized accesses and discrepancies at bay.

What would happen when the invited guests would reach the premises?

The system would let the host know by real-time notifications. Likewise check-in, the entire check-out procedure is also easy and fast. It records the accurate time of visitor departure.

Dorbuk Visitor Management System: Best-in-Class Interfaces

The Dorbuk Visitor Management System can be arranged via either the web portal or the mobile application. Even different departments of an office can make use of the interfaces of this software program for data management. The administrator interface helps to check out real-time information. It can also handle other users of the software. The Dorbuk Visitor Management System is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

On the contrary, the host interface lets specific employees of an office invite visitors. Besides, the visitor management system can keep track of the current guests, the reasons for visiting the organization, etc. That means the host can get to know about the details of the visitors, who are going to enter the office premises.

Moreover, the Dorbuk Visitor Management Software provides an interface for the security officer or receptionist of the office. Thus, it gets possible to monitor the activities of the frequent visitors in the organization.

Dorbuk Visitor Management System: Administrator Interface

The name of the function is self-explanatory that the provision is given only to the administrator. The feature comes with dashboards for a streamlined association of host formation as well as management. The administrator can personalize the “Check-in” fields. That is how the administrator can make specific fields essential and optional, as per the requirements.

Do you want to incorporate your brand identity in this phase? Then, you are free to include your business logo in the Dorbuk Visitor Management System’s kiosk.

Makes Sure of Top-class Security:

The Dorbuk Visitor Management System helps a space to keep security and safety. Hence, it can be used by residential apartments, commercial places, educational institutes, etc. In short, a place, where there is a chance of visitor arrival, calls for a top-notch visitor management system like Dorbuk Visitor Management System.

Dorbuk Visitor Management System: Real-time Reports

Manual creation of real-time analytics calls for a long time. Furthermore, it is also an extremely cumbersome task. So, it is the best idea to leave the whole task on the Dorbuk Visitor Management System.

The software program enables the designated office staff to check the visitors as well as the details of check-ins and check-outs. The real-time reports also let the authorized user apply filters in the interface. The software program also comes with the best-in-class cloud storage.

Wrapping Up

The Dorbuk Visitor Management Systemleaves no stone unturned to ensure the best-in-class security of a place by arranging a safe check-in, check-out, and invitation (with PIN) approaches. Do you want to keep your residential and commercial places safe and secure? Then, it is time to start using the Dorbuk Visitor Management System. Due to its user-friendliness, you or your employees can use it with ease. Contact Dorbuk Visitor Management System today!

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