Designer bedding and all luxury bed linen and accessories, such as throws, luxury single duvet and pillow cases, need to be taken care of to ensure they stay looking good and last longer. So, to keep your luxury duvet looking ‘luxury’ and your double bed throws looking doubly divine, have a look at some of the common questions asked about how to take care of your cotton bedding and learn the dos and don'ts.

Can I iron cotton sheets?

If you want to achieve a super smooth look for your luxury duvet sets or cotton sheets, then it is possible to iron them. The most effective and less labor-intensive way of doing this is to iron them while still a little damp and with a hot iron, to make it easier to press creases out.

Can I tumble dry my bed linen?

Drying your cotton duvet covers, sheets or pillow cases in a tumble dryer won’t give you a gentle, outside fragrance but it is hugely practical and convenient in the winter months. You will need to use a low setting and it is advisable to fold sheets and duvets as soon as you take them out of the dryer, to avoid unnecessary creases.

Do I need to get my luxury bedding professionally laundered?

Cotton bedding does not usually need to be professionally cleaned and most can be machine washed at 30 degrees. More delicate fabrics can be washed on a gentle, cool cycle and air dried. It goes without saying that you should always check the label on your bed linen before washing.

How do I fold and store large sheets and duvets?

If you’ve got a king duvet set, double duvet set or those tricky fitted sheets that you wrangle with each time you come to fold them, you are not alone. It first of all helps, with fitted sheets, to tuck one set of corners into the other while folding in half, so that they sit on top of one another, fold this shape in half again and flatten out while doing so. Keep on folding until you have a small rectangle shape that can be neatly stored away. A useful tip is to store sheets inside your pillowcases. Make sure your storage area is clean and dry and away from sunlight and ensure you don’t pack your items too tightly into storage boxes or drawers as this won’t allow enough air to circulate. Packing a king size duvet into a small cardboard box is a ‘no-no’!

Alternate your bed linen wisely

We recommend having two or three sheets for each bed you have. This way, you can rotate the sheets when they are in storage, on the bed and in the laundry, meaning you always have sheets ready to use. Alternate the use of the sheets as evenly as you can and this way, the amount of wear they endure will be the same.

From double bedding sets to king size duvets, to decorative cushions and throws, all our bed linen and accessories at Dusk come with care instructions which are also available to view online before you purchase. Have a look at all our collections and the many discounts we offer.

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