Arthritis happens to be one of the leading causes of disability and pain across the globe. A number of people will find several pieces of advice to ease pain caused due to arthritis. Here are some do's and don't's that will be beneficial during arthritis treatment:

Exercise is one of the highly recommended arthritis treatments. As you have arthritis, movements aid in the reduction of pain, improvement of the range of motion, enhancing the endurance, strengthening the muscles.

What to do
You should be selecting the right types of activities- those which form the muscles around the joints but do not cause any damage to the joints. An occupational or physical therapist assists in the development of exercise programs which are a prerequisite for you.

You should concentrate on stretching, progressive strength training along with a wide variety of motion exercises.

You should include cycling, walking, water exercises and other lower impact aerobic exercises for the improvement of mood and control weight.

What to avoid
You should say a strict no to tennis, jumping, high-impact aerobics, running, repeating the similar movement like a tennis serve time and again.

A wide number of medicines can be availed for conferring relief during arthritis pain. Most of them are safer. However, there is no medication which is free from side effects completely. You can consult with the doctor for the formulation of a meditational plan for arthritis treatment and reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

What to do

Go for the right medicines
There are several medications that confer relief from arthritis. It is essential to take these medicines on a regular basis for procuring relief from the occasional pain which is triggered by the activity of joints and muscles.

Topical analgesics
Creams comprising of capsaicin can be applied to the skin on the painful joints for conferring relief from pain. You can also go for oral medications.

What to avoid

Concentrating only on pain
Depression is a common phenomenon which is found in people, suffering from arthritis. Doctors have found that the treatment of depression aid in the reduction of arthritis pain along with the symptoms of depression.

Emotional and emotional integration
It is known to all that arthritis comes with a negative effect on the mood. You are sure to feel discouraged if regular activities hurt you. As you get hopeless thoughts, the pain may become harder and worse to manage.

What to do
You should go for therapies which may be responsible for the interruption of destructive mind-body interactions such as:

Cognitive behavioral therapy
This is one of the effective and well studied, behavioral modifications which aid in identifying and breaking cycles of self-defeating actions and thoughts. It is believed to be an integral part of arthritis treatment.

Relaxation therapy
You should go for medications, yoga and other relaxation techniques with an eye to easing the pain.

A number of people procure relief from acupuncture as the hair-thin needles are inserted into specific parts of the body.

What to avoid

You should say a permanent goodbye to smoking as the toxins present in smoke may result in stress on the connective tissue.

Negative attitude
You should refrain from negative thoughts as this may enhance pain and disability.

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