Girl always keeps a special corner in their heart for men's and it's not that tough to melt their heart. Right planning and its improvisation is the key to get your girlfriend back. Who knows your girlfriend better than you, if you had real good memories with her? There could be a possibility when guy thinks that getting her back is very easy or he had lost all the chances of getting her back.

There could be many simple ways to get her back. Respect for her, her notions and the way she loves you. These factors play vital role in getting her back and there are many more.

Dos to get your Girlfriend back:

Give her more Respect. Hit the iron when it is hot. When your girlfriend is least bother about you, this is the right time to respect her. Respect her behavior, love, care, affection either start respecting her all the way. Your respective nature will really melt down her heart and also increases the chances of getting her back. Respect works as arrow which only targets your girlfriend's heart.
Check What Went Wrong. This has to be the foremost step. Before you open your lips to say anything after break up, make sure you are aware about the reason by which you two separated. Realizing your mistakes shows great sign of responsible man. Every girl wishes to have responsible and strong man. And if anything wrong happened from your side, do confess and treat her gently.
Improved Changes. After break up, your girlfriend will only expect some positive changes in you. She would love to hear that you have trashed all such nasty stuff which causes separation earlier. Making mistakes is human nature but girl usually appraise those who come over to them and improve themselves.
Stay in Touch. The most unusual thing which guys hate to do but left with no option. Sweet memories and loveable moments which you spent together will never get you apart. The most prominent task is to get in touch which always reflects a ray of hope. Before you do anything keep in mind that nothing should be done over. For now, just let her know that you are thinking about her, and still care, and do that with a light touch.

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