The Internet is alive and buzzing, much like a city the likes of which none have ever envisioned possible. Just like in a real city, there are areas with a lot of activity, and some places where there is little to no activity at all. This activity, in the context of the Internet, is called traffic. Website traffic is basically a measure of how many Internet users check a webpage or site per measure of time. This is an important metric for web hosts, marketers, and even users.

Users believe that a website with a lot of traffic must have something interesting or useful, and this is generally a correct assumption. Marketers in turn can cash in on this phenomenon by putting ads on high-traffic web pages. Of course, getting website traffic is trick to maximizing the efficacy of these methods. So how does one entice users to check out certain webpages or websites and in turn increase the likelihood of their seeing a certain ad?

The right stuff

Having the information that users want to see is key to getting website traffic. You can even stretch that into a pun: the “write” stuff. In the past, webpages were filled mostly with text, due to bandwidth constraints. Today, transmission bandwidths and speeds are continuously expanding, opening the way for a more engaging experience with images, videos, sounds, and interactive elements. Nonetheless, without well-made advertising material and web content, the website will fail to instill attention and won’t garner much traffic. Try to get as much specific data on the product or service to be advertised, from textual descriptions to photographs and even videos and audio recordings. Prepare all this in a way that is cohesive and consistent, so the user can get a good feel for it. Of course, some content that can be construed as frivolous is forgivable, but try to keep the content consistent.

Just enough fluff

On the matter of a more immersive and informative experience, it is important to have the right amount of fluff, in the figurative sense, on your website. Notice that the websites that gets the most Internet traffic either offer incomparable services or well-executed design elements. These design elements are layout, visual appeal, audio appeal if applicable, and user-friendliness. A balance must be struck between flashy audio-visual elements and utility. If your webpage is striking and appealing but takes forever to load, that is sure to kill some interest. It should be easy to navigate between pages, and easy to look up specific items. A well-tuned search facility should be available, especially if you have a lot of data. On that same line of logic, sorting functions for data presentation will increase usability and interest.

It may not be easy to get everything right the first time around, even with the help of a web design professional. Getting website traffic is not easy with so many things online clamoring to be looked at, so it may be necessary to turn to other advertising methods in conjunction. Nonetheless, if you get the vibes and trends, you are sure to get a lot of traffic on your website.

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