Stop all your worries about your eyes Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic can help individual eyelids, uneven eyes, no eyes, charm Lovely Eye By Dr. Roungkaw Clinic.

The eyes are the first part that anyone sees is a must-see. Clearer, round, bright eyes. Helps your face look more attractive to the next level Wonderful eye and skin clinic, See the meaning of your eyes. Therefore, it offers a wide range of eye surgery services to make ศัลยกรรมตาสองชั้น look beautiful. Accept all kinds of eyes, all styles, all eye problems at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic. Correct the ทําตา2ชั้น that was previously done.

Double eyelid surgery is done elsewhere. It's a difficult surgery. And a sensitive doctor evaluates eye problems. ทำตา ที่ไหนดี To repair an old incision, you must surgically remove the membrane and the silk knot beneath it.

And make a new layer of the eye to create a beautiful curve according to the shape of the eye. If anyone has any questions about attaching double eyelids, Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic is one of the most experienced cosmetic surgery clinics around the eye in fine surgery.

Double eyelid, small incision technique, although it uses the surgical method, it produces natural results. A special feature is that the lines of the double eyelid are thin, sharp, but still not a puppet. Suitable for people who do not have too many eyelids.

The surgical method of microsurgical technique is to combine the advantages of the suturing method and the incision method into one surgical method. The sutures are closed by making a small incision in the upper eyelid and then getting rid of unnecessary fat or muscle.

Because the incision is about 1 cm long, it is a small incision technique (small incision blepharoplasty), although there is fat, but it can be removed and a new eyelid creates a completely natural double eye line.

Not every person's problem is the same. Should come to consult a specialist. Physicians should evaluate and recommend appropriate surgical procedures for best results

In cases where the eyelids are oily, the skin of the eyelids is thicker and the muscular eyelids The surgical method is usually used for double eyelid surgery.

A long incision double eyelid surgery intersects the blepharoplasty along the entire line to open the eyes to grow. There is an opening in the length and width of the eyes.

The result is a clearer eyelid without drooping. The advantage is that the doctor can sew the muscle of the right eye and is able to accurately cut off the excess eyelid and remove fat. Suitable for people who have too many eyelids or who want a sharp eyelid with a lid.

Not every person's problem is the same. You should come see a specialist at the Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic. Physicians should evaluate and recommend appropriate surgical procedures to achieve the best results.

However, before deciding to choose a double eyelid surgery, one should carefully consider Not just the price. Or the promotion should be chosen by a doctor with long experience. Should seek the opportunity to seek medical attention Understanding an individual's specific problem Use appropriate techniques and the safest Because of the eyes, even if they are small organs, the most important thing is our face.

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What people may be misunderstood and worried about getting double eyelids Is as follows.