The Double wall glasses are now the favourite because of many reasons. The unique qualities of drinking from these make drinkers fall in love with them. The strongest point is the look of the beverage when poured into the double walled glass. The inner glass makes the content look very fascinating. Besides, these glasses have exceptional durability due to the presence of double walls and are therefore the preferred way to consume beverages.

There are many differences between a Double Wall Glass and a Traditional Glass. The main differences lie in the construction, function and most importantly the experience it offers. Below are some advantages of using a double wall over a traditional glass.

Temperature Retaining Capacity:
This is one of the main feature that differentiates a double wall from a normal glass. The double wall glass can retain the temperature of the beverages poured into it, whether hot or cold. This is beneficial for getting the best flavour from the drink due to the retention of the temperature that is suited for drinking them. The thick double walls minimize the exchange of heat and cold into the surroundings, which will help in maintaining the temperature of the content poured into the glass.

Normal glasses, on the other hand, have far lesser temperature retaining capacity. They lack the specialized construction of double walled glasses and allow heat and cold to exchange easily, thereby causing the beverages to lose their temperature. Hence, normal glasses are not preferred for beverages that particularly have a recommended temperature for enjoying its full taste.

Double walled glasses are much durable when compared to normal glasses. They have thicket bottom and sides that will prevent any breakages or occurrence of cracks during usage. The thicker bottom portion of these glasses also ensures the right balance in holding the glass in hand and when placed on any surface.
Double walled glasses are made from high-quality glass materials that contribute to their increased durability. Normal glasses, on the other hand, are less durable and will shatter and break easily when subjected to rough use. They have a simple construction that is highly prone to breakage, besides using ordinary materials in their construction.

Double walled glasses are superior in their appearance and include several kinds of designs that suit the requirements of any. The presence of double walls is its one distinctive design and functional feature that is altered into different shapes and patterns for creating various designs. Beverages, when poured into them, take the shape of the double wall that is more appealing and adds to the experience of drinking any kind of beverage, hot or cold.
Normal glasses, even though having versions with complicated shapes and designs, falls short by a great margin in appearance when compared to the design complexity of double walled glasses.

At EZ Life, we have an array collection of Double Wall products that can cater to different segments of your dining.

Double Wall Glasses:
The double wall glasses are perfect for too many reasons. They not just add functionality but also glamour to your table décor once your beverage is poured into it. We have different shapes and sizes that are ideal for any event or occasion.

Double Wall Mugs:
The Double Wall Mugs are perfect for all the coffee and tea lovers. They are specially crafted in designs that will make your mornings very refreshing by fascinating your favourite drink that will float in the double layer mug. These mugs are extremely light in weight which makes it ideal for holding onto the mug for long.

Double Wall Bowls:
Double wall bowls are the most attractive addition to your table décor. They add style to anything that you will be serving your guests. These bowls can help you serve salads, desserts, soups or even fruits that will create an illusion and make your food look stunning. Double layered walls allow the temperature to stay intact. These bowls are microwave safe making it ideal for hot dishes/desserts too!

Double Wall Cup and Saucer:
Double wall Cup and Saucer make a smart choice for table top as they look extremely elegant when your serve tea/coffee to your guests. The floating illusion of the drink will create an impression and improve the experience. The light weight cups are a must-have to create a wonderful moment in every sip you take.

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