Double wall mug is a routine utility with everlasting use. Enrich your kitty parties and tea parties with Double wall Mugs. An illusion for readers who love to sip on beverages whilst reading. An ideal choice for all the coffee and tea lovers.
Microwave safe: A peculiar feature of the double wall glass mug is that it is microwave safe. So, heat and reheat the beverages without any hassle about the impact.
Long lasting warmth: The vacuum between two glass walls prevent conduction of heat and maintains the temperature for a longer time. Enjoy a hot cup of tea at peace, not in hurry.
Durability: Mugs have a long life as one has memories attached to them, double wall mugs surely take care of that. The double wall prevents the mug from breaking. The vacuum between two glass walls makes the inner glass resistant to shocks. The heavy bottom gives a perfect balance to hold the mug as well as rest on a coaster. On the contrary, the mug is very light weighted and perfect to be held for long conversations.
Fashionable: Simplicity never goes out of fashion. Simple and elegant design for trendy and unique décor. Enrich the drinking experience with a stylish tea ware. Double wall glass makes the drink float in the mug.
Serve a hot cup of tea or coffee with the extensive range of double wall mugs from EZ Life. We have numerous designs for innumerable personalities.
The real pleasure in having a green tea is the colour that signifies the flavour. Sit back and sip on with Double Wall King Mugs.
The style of serving is the first euphoria of drinking, Double Wall Twisty Mugs delivers the that style.
Pack of 2 is perfect for couples who live on their own, gives an elegant look to dining décor. Perfect to enjoy warm feeling on a rainy day, chilling winter evening or a sunny Sunday.
Pack of 4 is for those family who enjoy having a long and ever lasting conversation with each other over a hot cup.
Highlighting the desk is one of very important factor in corporate world nowadays, emphasise the desk with double wall mugs either to serve or to consume.

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EZ Life is mix of cool lifestyle products which cater the requirements of our living style and daily routine. Double wall glasses are one such type that you can find at EZ Life which will enhance your drinking experience to the fullesest