Nobody wants to carry around those extra weight as it can make one look fat and ugly. Even if you are against superficiality, there are certainly times in your life where you want to acquire a perfect body as well! But for most people, they lose confidence as they do not see visible results even after spending weeks or months at the gym. There are many reasons why you may not be losing weight yet. It may be due to your lifestyle, diet or exercise routine. Regardless, the following article seeks to share with you some of my favorite techniques and tips to lose weight effectively, and within the shortest possible period of time.

Firstly, you should always perform a mix of cardiovascular exercises with weight training. Most people make the mistake and believe the myth that cardiovascular exercises such as running is all you need to lose weight. You must have seen many people who run regularly but still look fat. That is because, without weight training, the effect of cardiovascular exercises are only limited. If you want quick and effective results, I highly recommend that you add in weight training into your exercise regime; regardless of your gender. Weight lifting helps you to build lean muscle, and these lean muscle will increase your body's metabolism, helping you burn more fats passively.

Next of all, you should drink lots of water. Most people underestimate the amount of water they drink, especially on days they exercise. On warm days where you perspire a lot, or when you workout, you should definitely consume a greater amount of plain water to hydrate yourself. Some people even think that drinking less water will make them weigh lighter. Indeed, you may weigh very slightly lighter, but you will look chubbier. This is due to water retention effect. When you drink too little water, your body will tend to hold onto any water molecule you next consume. This gives you a bloated look.

Morning exercise sessions are fantastic if your goal is to lose weight. When you workout in the morning, your body's metabolism rate will be dramatically increased for the entire day, helping you burn off a lot more calories and fats in a passive manner! If you are not sure when you should exercise, just wake up earlier in the morning and start working out! You will soon realize that workout sessions early in the morning will be much more effective than late at night when you are trying to lose weight!

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