However, if you need to batch export EML to PST format for Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, or any other version, then download EML to PST converter. It safely converts multiple EML files into PST format for Outlook. In this article, you will get the complete solution which describes the entire conversion process.

Introduction to EML & PST File

EML is the simple file extension which can be supported by 25+ email clients. This file format is supported by several email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Apple Mail, IncrediMail, etc. But it is primarily supported by Windows Live Mail. These applications are widely used to save and open the email messages of EML files. It is so simple format that anyone can open this file format by any text editor.

While, Microsoft Outlook is a secure email client which offers two file extension i.e. OST and PST file format. It is so easy to manage all the email messages, folders, contacts, calendar, etc. It is so popular email which is widely used by professional users. The email data items of MS Outlook are stored in a PST format. So, to access the data of EML files into MS Outlook it is needed to convert the EML files into PST format. For the migration of EML files into PST format it is required to use the third party tool EML to PST Converter. The manual method is also applied on it to convert the EML data files into PST format.

Both EML and Outlook does not have any relation with each other. So that MS Outlook does not allow to open the EML file because it is primarily supported to PST file format. To access the EML files into any version of MS Outlook i.e. in MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, etc. use the best third party tool to convert the EML files into PST format. But there are some users who go for the manual method to convert the EML files into PST format. Let us discuss the scenario of converting the EML files into PST format.

Manual Method to Convert EML Files into PST Format

It offers to convert the EML file format into PST format by using the manual method. Be careful while using the manual method because manual method is not always give their best results. Sometimes, it leads to damage/corruption of EML files due to missing or not following the complete steps. Take a backup copy of the original EML files and then apply any manual actions on it. Because sometimes manual method actions are not completed which leads to corruption/damage of EML files.

To export the EML files into MS Outlook by using the Manual Method: -

  • Open Windows Live Mail
  • Follow the steps and choose: File >> Export >> Email Messages
  • Click to choose Microsoft Exchange and click on Next.
  • A popped window is opened which informs you that all the emails will be exported to Microsoft Exchange or Outlook. Click on Ok to proceed further.
  • Choose mail folders by selecting the multiple mail folders.
  • Press OK to complete the export process. It will export all the email folders in which time taken process will depend on their size.
  • When the export is done than it will gives you a completion message. Click on Finish to complete the process.

Prominent solution to Export EML to PST Format

It is the best solution for users to convert the multiple EML files into PST format without any error. It is the advanced utility EML to PST Converter which offers safe and secure conversion of EML files into PST format. It is the reliable solution for users to migrate the email messages along with email attachments. It has several advanced features which allows user to export the EML files and easily access them into MS Outlook without any problem. This tool will successfully work to convert the data of EML format in PST format.

Main Features of EML to PST converter

  • Batch Export: - It is one of the finest feature which offers to export the multiple EML files into PST format at once. It can export the multiple EML files in few seconds which saves a lots of time of users.
  • Multiple File Selection: - This feature offers to users that they can select the multiple EML files or select all the EML files which they want to convert them into PST format. It helps you to convert the desired EML files into PST format.
  • Auto-Detect: - This feature automatically detects the EML files in the selected folder in the system. It is so helpful in searching of EML files and user can easily find out their EML files stored in the system.
  • Supports EML based Email Client: - It is the application which can support to all the files created by different versions of different EML based email clients. It is so simple tool that any EML file is supported by this application.
  • Maintains Email Structure: - It is capable to maintain all the email structure of the EML files into PST format after the conversion of EML files. It does not affect the format of any email message of EML format and save it into PST format with the same structure.
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It is an alternative method to view and read the EML files without installation of any email client. Use EML Viewer to view the multiple EML files in this application which allows you manage all the EML messages into it. It is supportable to all the Window Versions and is easily run on this platform. It can be used when there is no email client installed on the system and then you can easily view/read your EML email messages by using this useful application.