Cricket lovers wait for new seasons of cricket competitions with bated breath. Whether the matches are of IPL, one day, T20, the world cup, or any local cricket tournament, every league is equally thrilling to them.

Fantasy cricket apps wait for them, as well. For, they open online cricket contests for their users simultaneously. And give them opportunities to earn money daily.

Best Fantasy Apps for Cricket

There are many fantasy cricket apps in the market currently. As a result, new users get confused between them. While one may profess high payouts, another may promise an easy user experience. But every app proclaims an attractive feature that overwhelms the users.

While there are more than 50 fantasy cricket apps, not more than 20 are worth playing. And the best fantasy app for cricket among those top ones is Oneto11.

Why is Oneto11 the Best Fantasy App for Cricket?

Oneto11 is a relatively newer app. But, its statistics are commendable for such a short period.

1.5+ Million Users
16+ Million Distributions.
2.3+ Million Successful contests

Also, Oneto11 professes to play together to win together.

Several other additional features make it top-notch. They include a low entry fee and a broader point system. Moreover, it provides prize money to 75% of winners.

While you get referral bonuses now on almost all apps, Oneto11 is the only one that gives lifetime referral earnings.

Oneto11 furthermore allows you to create your private contests. Here you can challenge your buddies besides playing against the app.

Indeed, Oneto11 is the best fantasy app for cricket!

How to Download the Best Fantasy App for Cricket?

You can download Oneto11 by following these easy steps.

First, click on the link

A download box will pop up at the bottom of the page. Now click on it.

Say yes to the open button you see on the screen as well.

Do not exit the app when you see the ‘allow from this source’ option. Consider the message a routine one.

Click on it as well to finally install the app.

How to Sign Up on the Best Fantasy App for Cricket?

Unless you sign up on Oneto11, you will not be legible to play a contest on it.

So, open the app, and click on register. You can link your Google or Facebook account to do it. Else, do so with your mobile number. The verification requires you to enter the OTP, Oneto11 sends on your mobile.

Fill in your details next.

Also, link your bank account to your profile. This makes deposits and withdrawals easy to manage. Remember, it is an online game.

In addition, give a referral code. You can avail a bonus this way.

And become legible to play on the best fantasy app for cricket.

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Become a part of the growing user base on Oneto11. Get the best earnings for a lifetime and change the way you played fantasy cricket until now!