Evan Lipkis, MD is a respected internist in his field but what makes him unique is his rationale approach to health care as well as his balance between alternative health and academic medicine. His new website, DrLipkis.com, has launched and he can now share natural health news, tips, articles and more across the country and around the globe.

According to Dr. Lipkis, “There are so many alternative health websites out there and many of them aren’t even written by a medical doctor… it boggles my mind, how can someone write about health when they’ve never studied or practiced medicine… they merely search the web for topics then write a blog.

Lipkis continues, “What makes my website stand out from the rest is that I have been in the trenches practicing alternative and academic medicine for nearly 30 years. I have real life experience, stories, and scenarios to draw upon as well as solutions. I’ve seen patients and helped them on their journey to better health for a variety of health issues and ailments.”

Lipkis concludes, “Anyone can access me online. Unlike my medical practice, which is limited to local patients and office hours, the internet is available 24/7. My special health reports, articles, Life Savers newsletter archives, and health tips are based on what I’ve seen, learned and applied from real life. Whether it’s combating cancer naturally, improving brain function and memory, using diet and nutrition for longevity, overcoming diabetes, or just general wellness… I’ve practically seen it all… and want to share my knowledge with as many people as possible.

For more information about Dr. Lipkis, to sign up for his free health newsletter, Life Savers, or read his health and articles, visit www.drlipkis.com.

Author's Bio: 

Evan L. Lipkis, M.D., is a successful practicing internist who has been in the field of medicine for more than 25 years. He trained at Northwestern University Medical School and presently practices at Glenbrook Hospital in Illinois. He has served as the president of the American Cancer Society (locally), hosted Medical Insight on WTMX radio, and lectured nationally with Dr. C. Everett Koop, the former surgeon general. He now serves as the medical consultant for WGN radio. Dr. Lipkis also is an editor for Prescriber’s Letter, a national newsletter for physicians.

His acclaimed book, Live Longer and Healthier Now!, gives you the practical, up-to-date knowledge you need to live a better quality of life. It’s like having a doctor in your own house. Dr. Lipkis is one of the top 50 doctors in the Midwest, according to www.checkbook.org, a Consumer Reports endorsed organization. Follow him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DrLipkis.