DR. Jay Calvert, a board-certified plastic cosmetic surgeon with practices in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, California headed the Rhinoplasty surgery annual meeting 2021. Dr. Jay Calvert is the creator and host of the Beverly Hills plastic surgery podcast. He and his co-host DR Millicent Rovelo, have been creating new episodes on plastic surgery from facelifts and rhinoplasty to liposuction and breast augmentation for a couple of years. The podcast can be heard on Apple Podcasts and Google podcasts seamlessly without the hassle of in-person meetings, visits, and geographical constraints.
DR. Jay Calvert is the founder and creator of Roxspa, a state-of-the-art medical spa for non-aesthetic treatments. Dr. Jay Calvert is an active member of many leading plastic & cosmetic surgery societies, apprising us of his breakthrough interventions in the field of plastic cosmetic surgery and the outstanding results of nose job surgery, especially the revision rhinoplasty sets him apart from other surgeons from around the globe.
Dr. Jay Calvert and his chosen team of experts participated in the rhinoplasty society annual meeting, 2021 in a very different way due to the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and everyone took part in the meeting virtually, shared their experiences and results, gathered information and knowledge, and communicated the future plan for rhinoplasty surgery, as well as annual meeting on the whole. The meeting was a table shared virtually with great panels, resident fellows, present guest lectures, and incredible reconstructive rhinoplasty surgeons. This meeting was attended by 150 residents, both members and, non-members and marked their presence with the very vital talk of revision rhinoplasty surgery.
DR. Jay Calvert expressed his views about facilitating remote meetings that how challenging, as well as interesting it is! Visual and audio queues are less apparent and even with technological and bandwidth constraints, we have succeeded in converse easily and significantly in an effective way. Previously, virtual table meetings were quite promising, but as time passes, we are more adaptable to this way of doing things, especially the annual meetings, seminars, or conferences and this is the way for the future now. But, I hope next year we will have in-person live meetings said DR Calvert with a smiley gesture added by saying “being a pandemic president has been pretty unique.”
This meeting was centrally focused on how DR Jay Calvert became an interesting rhinoplasty surgeon and the cases he did perform in his career has been a key player in defining his aesthetic skills and precision of doing the rhinoplasty surgery.
In the words of DR Jay Calvert, “a pretty interesting case that I did in the year 2000, the patient had a vascular malformation on his face and I did the reconstruction surgery. I did work on a big forehead flap and this case taught me to develop the concepts of stayed focused that kept me growing as a plastic surgeon, as well as allowed me for exploration and evaluation.
I owe to my colleagues of rhinoplasty society for keeping trust in me whose faith and support is a vital essence for my breakthrough interventions and I am honored and glad to express that this is an honor bestowed upon me never less than a special privilege. I hope to keep the streak going for rhinoplasty annual meeting contribution for years to come!”
Dr. Jay Calvert is a board-certified plastic surgeon, immediate past President of Rhinoplasty Society, and a fellow of the American college of surgeons. He has global fame for his outstanding performance on rhinoplasty and nasal reconstruction that happily satisfied numerous patients all over the world. DR Calvert published many articles about plastic cosmetic surgery, especially rhinoplasty, facelift, and breast augmentations as well as pioneered cutting-edge techniques that have helped his patients get the best-unmatched results possible.
Dr. Jay Calvert is abbreviated as a celebrity plastic cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills & Newport Beach, California, and has been invited as a proficient plastic surgery advisor in print and electronic media. He has appeared in various interviews, conversations, and discussions conducted by top plastic surgeons from around the globe. He has appeared as a special guest on multiple television shows such as The Doctors, Dr. Phil, Tyra Banks Show, and many others. He has offices in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach. He attended Vanderbilt University, where he majored in Molecular Biology. Dr. Calvert graduated from Weill Cornell University Medical College in New York City and then went on to train in Plastic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh.

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Dr. Jay Calvert is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with practices in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, California. He performs all types of plastic surgery, but he focuses on rhinoplasty, secondary rhinoplasty, facelifts, and breast augmentation surgery in both Beverly Hills and Newport Beach. Dr. Jay Calvert has published many articles about rhinoplasty and secondary rhinoplasty and pioneered many new techniques that have helped his patients get the best results possible.
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