Writing isn't just for professionals. Whether you’re writing emails, social media posts, or project proposals, writing skills showcase your passion, your enthusiasm, your professionalism, and your inner self. Writing with passion and confidence is crucial to inviting others to join you in your vision of the world around you.

Dr. Mac Powell has written over 100 articles on performance psychology and has dedicated his life to improving the community around him. Here, he shares five strategies that will help you improve your writing.

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It's true that heavy readers have better writing skills. As a writer, you need to read, but make sure to select writing that reflects your style and aspirations. You can read magazines about your favorite hobby, articles on your favorite blog, or even a compelling novel. But read consciously. Consider how the author is using phrases, emotions, punctuation, and story-telling to convey not just an idea, but a world-view. Think about George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones or J.R.R. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings and their deeply descriptive and passionate creation of a world beyond our own, and compare that to Ernest Hemingway’s sparse Old Man and the Sea about a man, a boat, and a fish. All three were deeply emotional and vivid storytelling, but with incredibly different styles. Make time to read, and consider how your own voice is expressed.

Take a Class

The easiest way to improve your writing is to take a class. You don't even need to leave your home because there are plenty of options online. Think about what your goals are and find a class that will help you achieve those goals. If you would rather take a course in person, check with your local library, college, or community center to find out what your options are.

Keep a Journal

Another way that you can improve your writing is to keep a journal. The beautiful thing about a personal journal is that you can say whatever you want in it. You can talk about your day, write a story, or even pretend you're someone else. Most professional writers keep stacks and stacks of notes that may someday become short stories, novels, or scenes in future publications. Not everything has to be structured. As long as you write every day, your writing will inevitably improve.

Have an Editor

No matter what you write, you should have someone edit it before sending or publishing. When I was a graduate student, I paid a good friend in a weekly Sunday dinner of chicken fajitas at a local restaurant – and in exchange, she helped me edit every paper I wrote. It wasn’t just the corrections that were valuable, it was the process of getting feedback and employing it that built my skills as a writer. Having someone you trust take a look at your writing will keep your writing in a constant state of growth.

Expand Your Skills

If you want to learn how to write better, it can sometimes help if you expand your repertoire. Try writing in different genres, or from a different voice or perspective, or writing an article or a short story. Consider taking a class that will help you learn these new skills or you can find free information on how to become a better writer online.

Writing well isn’t a skill reserved for just professional writers. We’re all constantly sharing our ideas through our emails, notes, social media posts, and blogs. Harness and share your passion by employing these skills.

About Dr. Mac Powell:

A community change-leader and an avid believer in doing better for the world around him, Dr. Mac Powell has consistently made strides in change management and community development. His tenacity and persistence for his work are evident in the path that has brought him to where he is today. He is a key contributor at Briotech, a company invested in supporting disaster relief efforts around the world. Dr. Mac Powell holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Missouri and pursues his passion for diversity inclusion as a mentor to LGBTQ professionals.

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