What Is Pediatric Urology?
Children frequently suffer from Genito-urinary disorders. Infants are not able to comprehensively express the discomfort due to these disorders. In such a scenario, a trained and experienced pediatric urologist is required. Pediatric urologists are the doctors that diagnose and treat various Genito-urinary disorders in children.

The genito-urinary system includes ureter, kidney, bladder, and reproductive organs. It has been estimated that of all the disorders requiring surgery in children, almost 50% of them are associated with the Genito-urinary system. These disorders may include both congenital as well as acquired. A pediatric urologist is an expert in handling the simple as well as complex cases of the Genito-urinary tract in infants and children.

How Pediatric Urology Is Different From Adult Urology?
Pediatric urology is quite different from adult urology. The symptoms of pediatric disorders are different from those of adult urology. Most of the urological disorders are congenital disorders and requires altogether a different treatment approach. Most of these problems can be managed with close observation and may not require any intervention. Pediatric surgeons are now well-equipped to precisely diagnose and manage various conditions without any surgery. Minimally invasive surgery also plays an important role in minimizing complications.

What Are The Various Pediatric Disorders?
Following are the various pediatric urological conditions:

Hypospadias : Hypospadias is the condition in which the opening of the urethra is not present on the tip of the penis. It is rather present on the underside of the penis.

Undescended testicles: Medically known as cryptorchidism, it is the condition in which either one or both the testicles failed to descend.

Vesicoureteral reflux: This condition involves the flowing of urine in the wrong direction.

Bladder exstrophy: When the bladder protrudes outside the abdominal wall, the condition is termed as bladder exstrophy.

Pelvic-ureteric junction obstruction: This condition is characterized by impairment in the flow of urine at the junction of pelvis and ureter.

Epispadias: When the urethra opens on the upper side of the penis, the condition is termed as epispadias.

Other conditions: Various other pediatric urological conditions include Testicular torsion, Ureterocoele, Horseshoe kidney, Duplex kidney, Ectopic ureters, and Absent kidney or renal agenesis.

What Are The General Symptoms Of Pediatric Disorders?
Symptoms of pediatric disorders are presented based on the type of Genito-urinary disorder. However, common symptoms include:

Painful urination
Blood in urine
Thin urine stream
Abdominal pain
Swelling in testis
Urinary tract infection which may frequently recur
Pus in urine
Increased urine frequency.
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