Drake Tax Software is a comprehensive, all-in-one professional tax preparation software focused on being the simple, affordable, yet powerful tax weapon within the industry.. We use Drake Tax to prepare any tax return – personal or business, federal and state – as well as many cities and localities. Drake Tax is more dedicated to providing a cost conscious solution, hence it makes your purchasing decision easy. The tools which make Drake Tax extremely powerful are e-filing, bank products, Drake Document Manager, Client Write-Up, and Drake Tax Planner. There are many more Tax softwares available but due to some unique features of Drake, it is quite popular. It is worth to discuss about those unique features:

=>Electronic Filing:
Drake provides everything we need to e-file federal and state individual, business, fiduciary, nonprofit organization, and estate returns. Its secure servers process our e-filed returns and route them to the proper IRS service centers and the appropriate states. There are no per-return transmission fees, no third-party e-filers, and no hassles.

=>PDF Attachments:
In Drake, it’s easy to attach PDF files to your business returns for e-filing. Once we complete, the documents can be stored in the Drake Document Manager for future reference. PDF documents can be e-filed with forms 1120, 1120S, 1065, and 990.

=>Return Diagnostics:
We receive EF messages when a return has an issue that would cause an IRS rejection. Each message, which consists of the error code and a brief description of the issue, must be cleared before a return can be e-filed. Notes are generated automatically to provide reminders and tips about each tax return.

=>Tax Year Comparison:
It is quite qualified to quickly compare and analyze a client’s data from multiple tax years with our convenient comparison worksheet.

=>Archive Manager:
Drake Tax uses the Archive Manager to save a return before amending it, or to compare multiple versions of a return so you can make the best recommendation to your client.

Along with all it’s golden features, it has some unique tools as discussed above to make it even more efficient and king among all other Tax programs. We will take a glance of those tools in short:

1- Client Write-Up 2012:
Client Write-Up is an accounting and payroll package. For those new to the software, this package allows users to perform general ledger accounting, live payroll/1099s, after-the-fact payroll/1099, 940/941 filing, create W2s and W3s, create balance sheets, profit and loss statements and more. It is designed to be simple, fast and efficient. Future plans include an interface with Drake Tax Solution. The following is a short list of the features included in the newest release of CWU:
• Unlimited Clients
• General Ledger and Payroll capabilities
• Customize your Chart of Accounts and/or use existing Templates
• Import Chart of Accounts from existing clients
• Delete accounts with no activity
• Quick Journal data entry

2- Practice Management Tool:
This wonderful tool provides a host of tools and resources that let you run your software and your practice just the way you want, and help you work better with staff and customers.
It lets us to have maximum control over our information feeded in the Drake Tax and can have great amount of security over the same information.

So, these tools and features has made Drake Tax quite popular among Tax professionals. It has a release per year to make it updated with latest market trends and changes in state and federal policies. Even though, there are changes every year but the motto of the Drake Tax has become same, make Tax filing easily reachable to the users. We can choose Drake Hosting to get all its features and tools on a single platform.

Author's Bio: 

Denor Linen is an IT analyst working with SageNext Infotech LLC. Denor is a key member in implementing hosting enviornment for QuickBooks Hosting and all other tax and accounting softwares. He has almost 7-8 years of experience in Server Hosting, Network management and Security.