I got an email recently from a lady claiming she was desperate, and this next program (in my case) had to work, because she couldn't afford any more false starts. And she'd never been able to get it together, because her concentration was bad and she couldn't follow through.

I wrote her back and said, "Well, my program is a miracle. It's cutting edge. It installs The NEW Think and Grow Rich principles in a person's subconscious mind, which is where and when they will effectively make change." By the way, we're talking about HoloMagic Wealth Programming here, at www.HoloMagicWealthProgramming.com

But I also said, "If you don't listen to this but two times, don't expect to see dramatic and extraordinary results in your life, either." Because the problem is not in the program, and I don't even know what other program she'd purchased. She identified where the problem is—it's in her. She's not following through.

And so, when I wrote back I said, "Here are two things you've got to do. Number one, commit to listening to this program for 60 days in sequence, every single day. And then, #2, you're going to need to own the program. Here's a link where you can invest in it if you don't have it yet."

But the whole problem, again, is to realize that we need to be people with accurate thinking, certainly when it's our own affairs and our own business, but even in cases when we're coaching and consulting with others. The problem was not in the programs—the problem was in her.

Now, I hope she listens to me, and you listen to me. Follow through.

Hey, I hate to mention this, because you may have been involved—I have been a couple of times—in the old exercise program, the old get-in-shape program, the old new me program. You know that if you follow the exercise regime, and sometimes there may be some diet associated with it, you'll get in good shape.

Hmm. Seems like we don't all follow through. In fact, if you want some exercise equipment, you can get it pretty doggone cheap on eBay—and hey, the competition's driven up prices there, so you might get it a whole lot cheaper in your own neighborhood.

Just go check a few garage sales, because these machines convert from an ideal to a clothes-hanger to something that's seriously in the way—and when it's time to move, it goes. Not following through is the problem.

So I would suggest a good affirmation might be something like, "I follow through on all the important goals and programs I design. I follow through on the things that make my business prosper."

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