Hairs can make or break facial expressions and deeply impact the overall personality of a person especially women. In the world of fashion, new hairstyles and hair colors are being introduced everyday and people are highly influenced by them. Gone are the days when people used to neglect their hairstyle. Today everyone can be seen experimenting with their hairs. Some prefer to get long strands of black straight hair while other looks forward to edgy and classy style with mid hair length.

Here are some of the reasons which might help an individual select the appropriate hairstyle that would suit their face and personality

a. Help enhance the personality and beauty

No one wishes to settle for ordinary hairstyle if there is a chance to look better. There are number of hairstyles which may work out better for an individual, therefore, one must consult a hairstylist from a well-known saloon in the nearby area. With the right selection of hairstyle, one could definitely enhance her personality.

b. Match the face cut

The right hairstyle helps to define the face cut providing one with more defined features. The expert hairstylist help people get the knowledge about the hairstyle that will provide one with the perfect look considering the shape of face such as pointed, broad or circular face. In order to eliminate the risk of getting a weird haircut, one must research properly and choose the hairstyle that matches well with the face shape.

In addition, before opting for a particular hair style one must match the type of hair they have and the lifestyle they follow. The right hairstyle can help in getting the best look but at the same time a wrong hairstyle can completely ruin the look of an individual. So it is very important to choose a hairstyle that goes according to face shape, hair condition and the lifestyle one follows. Based on all these factors anyone can choose from a wide variety of styles to look the very best.

One of the most talked about hairstyle since hairs became an integral part of one’s overall personality is dreadlocks. They are worn for thousands of years and by people from different cultures including Ancient Egyptians, Hindu ascetics, Celts and Vikings were all known to have worn their hair in locks. In fact, dreadlocks are considered to have their existence from the time before combs are designed. Earlier people used to get deadlocks as they didn’t use to provide special attention to their hairs. Technically, when one simply stops brushing the hair for around one to three years, they tend to form a matted clump of hair. Naturally, the dreadlocks are designed by two natural methods.

1. “Don’t comb your hair”

If you have straight and silky hair the process might take some time while it can easily take place if an individual has curly or wavy hairs.

2. Messed your hair up and tie it in the knot

In this case, one needs to decide how thick they want the dreadlock to be and try to section off that thickness. Once you have got the section, knot it. Pass random pieces of the hair over each other, considering you are making very bad plaits and then pull the hair tight. Soon one can feel a clump-forming at the bottom, which is the dread.

Dreads are considered to be a fun and easy way of styling the hair and once they are formed they require low maintenance. However, the organically formed dreadlocks are not well shaped and require a long time for formation; people often prefer to get it done by the hair experts at saloons.

Making dreadlocks requires:

• A combination of the right products
• Right techniques
• And the most important is patience

Performing dreadlock at home can be empowering for the creativity still it has been recommended to get help from some expert in order to avoid unnecessary struggle and frustration which might be encountered during the process of dreadlock making. Bellisimos hairdressing services. is one such well-known saloon which has the best team of hair experts and they also carry out the most professional hairstyles for people. They will not only help people get the best hairstyle but also provides with expert advice to keep it well maintained.
Here are some detailed information and procedure of some of the most common techniques used for making the dreadlocks at home.

• Backcombing method

The first and most efficient method is backcombing. To prepare the hair for the process you have to wash and blow dry the hair. Then start sectioning it according to the need and backcomb it to create tangles till the end of the hair which are considered as the foundation of dreadlock. Afterward, you have to completely twist the backcombed section of the hair until they form a tight cylindrical shape. Apply dread wax, palm rolls them and stagger the locks to cover the scalp as much as possible. The procedure is repeated until you gets the desired result.

• Dread braiding method

This is the simplest type of dreadlocks and can be used when one wishes to experiment with his/her hair. To start with the process of making dreadlocks the hair needs to be washed and dry out. Then you have to section off the hair and braid each section. Once all the sections are braided and tied with rubber bank, the wax is being applied and the braids are being rolled between the palms until it forms dreadlock.

• Twist and rip method

It is another simplest method of dreadlocking. One needs to section off all the hair, 1 inch by inch sections and tie the ends with rubber bands. Afterward, the hair is being washed and rubbed in one direction either clockwise or anticlockwise. The sections are then left for drying, once they dry out dread wax is being applied and they are rolled between the palms until the dreadlocks formed.

You can choose the method according to your budget, need, and duration of time. Dreadlocks can be the coolest hairstyle to carry irrespective of gender. However, the most difficult part is maintaining them. Conditioning spray, dread balling, salt water sprays and use natural hairsprays can be some of the best ways to take care of the dreadlocks.

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