Abundance is Your Birthright.

Imagine awakening up each day with the awareness that every seed you sow will absolutely come back to you as overwhelming abundance. It feels good, doesn’t it? As we begin to actively harness the reality and depth of our personal power, as well as the power of true reciprocity, we will also naturally become motivated to assist, help, and serve others. This feeling of service naturally and effortlessly magnetizes even more wealth and abundance to us. The beauty of stepping into the limitless nature of who we are, and believing in our ability to deliberately create authentic success for ourselves is that we also have the additional energy, passion, and enthusiasm to assist others on their journey to success. We have the honor and privilege of choosing to make a difference in the lives of those we come into contact with each day. As our dreams expand and grow, we can also choose to assist others in acknowledging and expanding their dreams, as well.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Mahatma Ghandi

Success is available to each and every one of us. It is our birthright. As we tap into our own greatness and limitless potential, we can offer our unconditional support to everyone we encounter as they move along the pathway to actualizing their own dreams. The key to seeing our dreams manifest into our reality lies in remembering that if we can’t first see it, we can’t achieve it! Everything that has ever been created by man was first a mental image. This includes all the buildings, transportation, clothing, ornaments such as jewelry and home decorations, food processing and conserving, television and radio, airplanes and automobiles—all these things were first held as mental images and then released to the outer world through creative action. Everything begins with a thought. Experience is secondary.

We can absolutely predict our future by creating in within our minds first. We can pass along these nuggets of wisdom to others so that they can and will tap into the their own creative potential, as well. The future is created by our present thoughts. Our mind can turn our thoughts into the shimmering gold of authentic soul success by acting as a magnetic energizer drawing into our lives all the opportunities and experiences that will manifest our intentions into reality. Our positive intentions for ourselves and others can help align our conscious and subconscious minds, forming an unbeatable team that can and will create the life we feel we deserve. This is a very important component to manifesting our dreams. Knowing and believing that we are worthy and deserving of abundance, success, and prosperity is a necessary element for opening the gateway of limitless possibility. We can remind others of their own worthiness by extending our love, support, and assistance whenever possible. This natural state of giving and offering of ourselves without conditions places us in a beautiful space that allows for even greater blessings to flow for all.

A fantastic tool and action step that we can take RIGHT NOW is to consciously program our mind with emotions, thoughts, and visions that will act upon our subconscious mind and drive us to do the things that make us authentically successful and soul-fully rich. The key is for us to enjoy what we want in our imagination first. That is the birthplace of all creation. Once we’ve made it real for ourselves inwardly, we immediately begin to attract all the elements necessary for creating and manifesting our deepest desires.

The Path to Love, Wealth, Joy, and Abundance is always paved with conscious thoughts, intentions, feelings, and acts of service that are held, repeated, and believed in. We are either attracting wealth or repelling in every moment we are alive. Focusing on what we don’t want actually guarantees it will keep appearing in our lives. If we make a commitment to fill our minds with ideas that will attract all the things we desire and deserve, we will automatically step onto the path of conscious creation. It cannot be repeated enough that everything created begins as a mental image.

“The world has the habit of making room for the man whose actions show that he knows where he is going.” -Napoleon Hill

Joyful, loving, and successful people know where they are going before they start. They move forward with conscious effort and focus. They create with passion and enthusiasm. They have the power of intention. They share their success with others. They offer their support freely.

Do joy-full, wealthy people have an attitude of abundance and prosperity BECAUSE they are rich — or are they rich BECAUSE they have an attitude of abundance and prosperity? Change always comes from the inside first, not the other way around. The universe is waiting on YOU to tell it what your life will be. It is waiting on you to dream the biggest dreams possible for yourself. It is waiting on you to embrace your own power and motivate others to do the same. As you tap into the realm of abundance, share it with others and deepen the limitless reservoir of riches that is your birthright.

We are not victims of luck, circumstance, or chance. We are creating our lives as we go along, and we are doing it by virtue of our deepest and most consistently held thoughts, actions, and beliefs. We can create our lives by design, or we can create them by default — but never by chance or “luck.”

We are always creating our future with our present thoughts, and the best way to predict the future is to create it with conscious choices and clear intentions. We are far more powerful that we realize. We can make a difference in the lives of others. We can absolutely dream the biggest dreams and manifest them into our reality. It can all begin right now. Are you ready?

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