Dreams are not only meaningful when interpreted. They are also opportunities for emotional, spiritual, and even physical healing. Dreams are products of the unconscious mind. They speak of one’s inner desires in life in general.

In line with past notions on dreams, many people believe that dreams play a vital role in assessing the different aspects of an individual’s life. Some even think that dreams can be used to diagnose a person’s disorders and diseases. Today, dreams are integrated with alternative or natural forms of therapy. These are effectively used to relieve emotional stress and cure the health problems caused by the said stress.

The practice of using dreams for the improvement of health is called dream medicine. Therapists use dreams and nightmares to restore the inner balance of a person. The process of dream healing is an ongoing process of maintaining the harmony of one’s mind, body, and spirit. When this is successfully done, it brings hope and inner peace to the subject.

Dream medicine, as a natural health therapy, can ease a lot of emotional stress. The therapy’s techniques can also have a positive impact on one’s immune system. The healing process is approached by basic dream medicine methods, combined with guided imagery and relaxation methods. People can easily perform dream therapy by themselves, but it’s best to seek the help of a professional dream medicine therapist.

Healing through dreams releases the thoughts and emotions stored in the subconscious. The process provides subjects a feeling of reconciliation, resolution of conflicts, and balance. When both the conscious and the subconscious are in harmony, the subject discovers that different levels of dreams have healing effects. Psychologists say that because most, if not all, people dream during sleeping, dream therapy can be considered as an effective procedure.

Aside from healing the emotional aspect, dreams and nightmares can also be integrated with cancer treatment. Treatment for cancer often causes high levels of pain and discomfort on patients. The effects of chemotherapy procedures on the body make many cancer patients extremely uncomfortable. There are a number of testimonials on how patients used dream medicine as a form of natural health therapy, to deal with the pain of treatment.

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