There is an entirely new world that awaits us every time we close our eyes and sleep. It is our inner world...a place where we find our deepest and innermost thoughts and impressions. What some people do not realize is that our dreams hold the key to our reality.

In order to interpret your dreams, you do not always need a dream book or a dream dictionary that defines and generalizes. The best interpretations are often those that come about when you take the events of your dream and find relevance to the events within your everyday life.

Common Dreams


-Being helplessly pushed into a situation

-Being drawn to some sort of danger or predicament

-Floating through space

-Flying in the air

-Being unable to cry for help

-Being unable to walk (or run) away from inherent danger

Prophetic Dreams

These powerful dreams usually occur during the deepest part of your sleep. They usually fall into any of the following categories:

Precognitive- A dream that usually foretells future events and happenings

Warning- A dream that suggests precautionary measures regarding any aspect of one's life

Factual- A dream that seems real because it is based upon one's real life

Inspirational- A dream that enables one to find a solution or overcome an obstacle.

Recurring Dreams

This repetitious occurrence is usually due to a physical and/or psychological cause.

-Physical (ongoing illness, constant discomfort, neglected health, etc.)

-Psychological (unsolved problems, constant worries, mental uneasiness, etc.)


This unfortunate occurrence is usually due to a physical and/or psychological cause.

-Physical (excessive alcohol consumption, eating before bedtime, chronic pain, etc.)

-Psychological (current problems, recent worries, emotional dilemmas, etc.)

If you are unable to interpret your dream, you may have a dream interpretation done for you.

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