Dreams are as centrally exposed and driven as you make them. Either they're important or they're not. It's your night of esoteric surrender. However, dreams do mean different things to different people, depending upon the relevance one places on the content. If you are not interested in investing the time to study, energy to accrue the relative symbolism and most emphatically, simply can’t relate to the messages offered, considering them to be a bunch of hodge-podge nonsense, then that’s precisely what they are. Unless you first acknowledge a possible significance dreams may contain, the idea of receiving anything especially applicable in them in pretty minuscule.

In driving the point home relentlessly, that ‘everything in life is connected’, how could it be possible that dreams are unimportant? Isn’t it a scientifically studied verifiable fact, without them we’d all go stark raving crazy? [On that note alone, dreams seem pretty essential to me!] Dreams contain numerous themes in shape, color, sound, taste, sight, scent, and ‘feeling’. It could be worth your time to investigate the esoteric weight lodged in dreams to help better understand the activities of your days.

But, like every other segment presented in MODE Of Cosmic Therapy, the dream’s insight metamorphosis can only be as valid as you deem it to be. Esoteric information takes the shape of whatever dragon or saint you choose. That’s your call. As always, unless the information presented brings benefit, is applicable, practical, fun, and productive it some manner, toss it aside.

We will start with something as simple as:
What do you associate?
In one way or another, bridges represent a crossing over, (a connecting point), being taken to a higher point in perception. It must be noted: you are more than likely not eager to receive the contrary vision. It is necessary, at this juncture in your journey, to recall another crossroads whereby you lost your sense of balance. The Bridge you are now facing exemplifies another route not appreciated or valued. Life has a way of recycling themes until you take notice.

You are in an emotional dilemma having projected an inferior (phony) portion of your life’s pattern onto another who really is rather unconcerned. You have asked your soul to point out an avenue of expression you are not accustomed to interacting in. Because you are feeling stuck, stagnant, and irrepressibly unproductive, you desire a fresh peach. To move beyond what’s going on underneath will involve a certain amount of ‘nipping in the bud’ tried and true methods of running your everyday existence.
Expect and meet ‘head on’ the fear, trepidation, and complicated insecurities surfacing at invariable speeds. You haven’t been able to recognize the face you’ve always hidden because it was easier to assign those elements of bold, artistic, funny, and daring sexual assertive displays in yourself to others.

The bridge is a way and means of reassurance that you are traveling on a path of elevated dimension that leads to the unknown aspects of you that are filled with creativity and laughter. How long has it been since you laughed for no reason? You are, in fact, making progress, something which you have continually doubted for some time, now.
You must experience the awkward sensation of not knowing what’s coming down the line in order to move through it. You are on the other side of the bridge waiting to be released from the strangle hold you currently maintain. You can, if you will but allow yourself, to enjoy the view of a much higher and broader perspective see something so utterly fascinating, you will say, "Wow!" {Totally unexpected and bizarre in circumstance} You are far too concerned where finances are concerned. Let up!

In addition to the fear associated with losing out on something you have placed far too much value in, you will discover another colored characteristic you have tried to keep buried, fearing its appearance would in some manner diminish your ‘pearly white’ persona. You possess an over exaggerated unconscious need to be accepted, valued, appreciated and recognized as someone in the know. You don’t like to appear ‘not having the solution', most especially for others.
But, when it comes to your own problems, you are at a complete loss. That’s because you play so many roles. You have forgotten your authentic self who abhors silly pointless mind games. At first they were somewhat entertaining, now they are boring, disinteresting and superficial.
.You have repressed anger in spite of declaring how ‘wonderful things are.’ Things are not so wonderful (not even close) since you are sublimating your deeply erotic sexual sensual artistic desires simply to remain in a position of so-called control. Loneliness is a three letter word: Yes. You do enjoy and crave intense thrills.
You are crossing the bridge in order to rearrange priorities. You are literally struggling to bring forth a desired aim but applying unused sexual energy to prevent the emergence of the gift for fear of having to give up something of value to receive it. Not so. You will not lose anything of value or which is pertinent to your spiritual evolvement.
You erroneously believe that IF you allow your fully exposed artistic sensual self to surface, the other will entirely and irrefutably misunderstand you. Not so, again. Since everything is interconnected and cosmically linked together, the explicit actions you undertake will in direct measure affect the other in a very positive way!
Can’t you see the significance? You are facing the bridge of your divine self. (Soul’s intent) to cross. The spiritual water of which you seek is flowing directly underneath. An inability to express one’s deepest psychological needs prevents the passage.
Everything happens for reasons you can’t possibly see at the time. In the dream, the bridge is allowing you entrance into a tomb of esoteric wisdom to ingest and assimilate in your daily walk. You want magic? You get miracles!
To sublimate one’s power in order to maintain a superficial relationship, in hopes, that “it” will improve does nothing but deteriorate the integrity, honor and supreme will of both parties. Unless you release the presupposed hold you think you have on the other, nothing but a “bowl of worms’ will erupt.
In the dream of the bridge, be acutely aware of the sensations you experience. Walk courageously into that other sphere of mental activity you so desperately need. You are far too stressed! And, yes there is some unexpressed rage accompanied by a certain amount of jealousy for another’s fortune, (looks) material prosperity, praise or high-standing.
Do what you Love to do and are subliminally passionate about and all of these negative parasitical feelings shall fall away. Run; don’t walk over your bridge into another chapter of soul’s liberation!

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