What is the first thought that pops up in your head when you hear the word ‘Dreams’? Are your dreams something which you truly believe can come true or is it just a wish upon a star that only exist when we fall asleep?

Many people have dreams; or ‘wishes’ as they call it. It’s normally the term used when we want something that seems ‘impossible’ to happen to us. For some, these dreams that they are so passionate about, don’t seem to be practical in their everyday lives. They dream of being artist, billionaires, actors, sportsmen, successful entrepreneurs and many other things that don’t seem possible to the average person. But what if I told you that your dreams can easily come true?

Would you believe me if I said that there is a simple way to achieve this thing that your Heart so greatly desires?
With constant thought and believe you plant the seed of thought which is your dreams, or as you can call it your goal. Once this seed is planted, and watered with your persistent thoughts and your burning desire to achieve your dream, there would be no doubt that you will eventually reach it. Given the fact that you should also add in thoughts of Happiness and Health into your goal repetition to ensure that you will truly enjoy the fruits of your thoughts when they start to come your way.

This is how the Law of Sowing and Reaping and The Law of Vibrations and Attractions (check out this link to find out more about these Laws and the other Laws of Nature at www.ascendancepro.com) work to help attain what your Heart wants. The seed of your goal which is planted will reap the results that you desire and your thoughts will attract to you all the necessary things you need to do so.

Some would argue that if it was that easy to achieve your goals and dreams then everyone should be successful by now! But the reason why this doesn’t work for everyone is because most of the time people are filled with self-doubt and don’t actually believe in themselves or their dreams. Their lack of confidence ensure that they won’t be able to achieve it because they plant the seed of their dreams with uncertainty and water it with doubts and worries.

This is how the laws (click it!! www.ascendancepro.com) end up working against you. So technically, it is us who is standing in the way of our dreams from coming true because the laws are ready to help us if we work with them.

For anyone who is feeling discouraged and still believes that their dreams are too far-fetched for them, then maybe I should say that if it is truly your Heart that wants you to do something then you will definitely find a way to make it a reality. Your Heart always knows what’s best and it will guide you through the whole journey of reaching your dreams.


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