I had written an article on Spinal Stenosis it has led to this.

Dreams do come true when you truly want to heal. Joe who ran the Boston Marathon, has spinal stenosis herniated disc ran the entire 26 miles with absolutely no pain. He is still doing well.

He gave us the medal for finishing the race which will go up in the office. I am so proud of him and glad to be part of making his passion become reality. That is Joe with me in the picture. I believe if you truly want to heal you can. Joe proves it.

Please visit my blog to see Joe after he came back after the race. Still doing well and still doing marathons.


Author's Bio: 

Jeanette Costa is an herbal practioner and specializes in medical massage.

She has been doing medical massage for over 8 years for people who have back pain, carpal tunnel, sports injuries, frozen shoulder or other pain issues. Her goal is to get you better so you don’t need to keep coming back. If you have Flexible Spending Account you will get reimbursed for any alternative healing you choose to do. Some insurance companies will reimburse you for medical massage. Jeanette works with people who are usually involved in physical activities. Soccer, hockey, running, personal training, etc.

She also has meditation circles. She has been teaching for 15 years. Her goal is to show you how to use techniques so you may use it in your everyday life to help you release stress, to listen and feel your body to know when something isn’t right. You will learn to connect mind, body and spirit.