I enjoy doing different types of exercise and like to experience different forms. This year I did yoga which was on my list of things to try. Well, okay. I’ve done yoga lots of times before but it’s been a while and I really had to commit to make this one a reality and ended up finding a great yoga place right by my house; really good classes and I love how good it is for my back and my body in general. Most recently I took a Pilates class – my very first time; I thought it is a great workout and also difficult. At any point when I was wavering about successfully making it through my first class shaking and dripping with sweat, I’d hear the Pilates teacher say “This is tough but you’ll get through it because you are capable.” She spoke the words I tell everyone while on the radio. Whenever I hear that verbiage it completely calms me and imbues me with a fierceness to make it through. Indeed, it got me through most of the exercises intact while using proper form (the teacher helped me a lot!). Hearing that really motivated me– because I know it’s true – I am capable. Whenever I’m about to give up on myself – that’s the best reminding mantra for me to use; it works.
This year I wanted to spend time with wild animals – specifically a monkey. I spent time at a wild animal refuge where I was gifted with time with Cookie The Monkey. I’d wanted to experience a monkey for so long that I finally took action so I could experience that. I did not do yoga or pilates with the monkey, we hung out and Cookie ate cookies while sitting in my lap. Cookie likes strawberry Fig Newton’s, and I like monkeys so we had a win-win situation, a deal to spend time together which really worked for us both.

YOUR POWER: We can believe that anything is possible, because surely it is. Play the “What if,” game. Rather than the fear factor of “Oh my God, What if I this and that happens?” instead switch up the game and play “What if I can could anything? Have anything? And be anything?”
Anything is possible. Are you holding back? Do you want a new career or a relationship of your dreams? Are you living the life of your dreams? If you believe anything is possible you can shift your perception. Your Insight, your viewpoint will take on a different meaning – it will be like looking through a different pair of glasses; this time rose-colored. Believing is a powerful way of living life and the best thing you can do for yourself is to shift your reality.
First decide is what you spend time doing considered dreaming or is it fantasy? A fantasy is a flight of fancy, a hope based on rocket ships, and celebrities, and contests that will end our strife and be the answer to problems. But a dream is something that is within our means because we can navigate and take steps to make actualized. You will set up a plan to make a dream happen, otherwise, if there’s no plan just a vapid hope, it’s a fantasy. Decide on dreams. Decide on action steps to make the dream a reality. Play the “What if..” game and experience even in your imagination all the wonderful possibilities.
Perceived Barriers: Are what we perceive to be blockages, obstructions, and walls in our way that are based on limiting and off-putting ideas. We know they are coming from our own distorted beliefs because there is no encouragement and support in the belief, instead it aims to shut us down and put our dream out of business. Our self-imposed barriers are created out of difficulties we’re afraid will be out there. It may be base on the fact that we’ve already experienced disappointment in our life, or it may be from limitations created our of fear because our vision of what living the dream-come-true looks like is skewed with obstacles and difficulties. Since that’s our vision - it will scream at us to get out while we can! The dream still lives on insides us but the limitation is busy convincing us to let it go.
What if there is more than the small vision we’re holding onto? Are you willing to invest time into writing a new ending to your story, shooting a new movie of what it will feel like and be like? Will you commit to spending time to intuit what the beliefs are that are holding you back. Will you agree to stop empowering any belief that is not serving or supporting you to move ahead?
In its place set up a new expansive belief that to take the place of and incorporate into your self-talk of everyday life. Put THAT new belief on as a new pair of glasses and see where you are, where you’re headed from the new perspective and point-of-view.

— Denis Waitley said “If you believe you can, you probably can. If you believe you won't, you most assuredly won't. Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad.”

Figure out what you want to create this year, this month, and this life. Write a list so you have something to look at and see where you’re at. For each dream and goal write down the steps it will take to get there, and take those steps. If a belief is holding you back, be responsible and change it. Make a new belief that is supporting and loving and assures you are capable and you can and will do it!

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