When your vision and your dreams are big - surely, they are big, right? no point, in playing a small game...) - at some point you are going to ask yourself, "Exactly how do I do this?"

Of course you can achieve your dreams. But sometimes they are so big, you do not know what to do. Or maybe you know what to do but you are not sure where to start.

One of the answers is that you are going to make a pretty huge "To Do" list. Making a to-do list will help to keep you on track because you will be marking off little goals toward that ultimate big dream.

What you should do, though, is chunk down that list. Break it into little chunks and steps. If you try to look at the whole list, you will get very overwhelmed because you will feel you have too much to do. You could sit there and check off things all day long and at the end of the day, there is still an entire list left. Maybe it even got bigger.

Giving the tasks on your "to-do" list deadlines is key.

Some people will make a big master list and then designate the various tasks to specific days. I actually do not do this. I have tried assigning tasks to certain days but I felt that it was too constraining. If something happens and you do not do the thing on Monday, but you do it on Tuesday, you end up feeling disappointed or feeling off schedule.

Here is an alternative that I like. On Monday morning, make two lists. List One is your master "to-do" list - literally do a brain dump of all the things that you are thinking. Then, once you have hopefully looked at your vision board, and you are refocused and ready to go, take out a smaller piece of paper.

Look at your big list. Maybe it has 20 things on it. And you know that you cannot accomplish those 20 things in one week. The last thing you want is to feel overwhelmed with this big list at the beginning of the day. So go through the big list and hand pick the things that you are going to do that particular week. This is much more manageable.

Be careful not to pick too many things. When you do not finish what you set out to do, you end up frustrated. And then you just sort of give up, thinking that you are never going to get it all done, so just forget about it. Less really is more. Put fewer things from your master list on that weekly list. You will feel more accomplished and on track by accomplishing them. And here is more great news. If you actually finish all of the things on your list, what can you do? Just go back to your master list and add a couple more.

Approaching your list this way will take you out of the place where you are overwhelmed and frustrated by all the things you have to do to achieve your dream. It will make your ultimate dream more attainable because you will be successfully accomplishing all of the goals on your list toward your dream.

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