Even though much energy is put into creating a fine bottle of wine; typically, little effort is ever considered when thinking about the wine bottle label. Whether you are a commercial winery or a home bottler, you have dedicated your time and knowledge to mixing the ideal grapes to create the perfect wine.

You have followed the process correctly, allowed the product to age under ideal conditions, and finally, it is ready for bottling. All that is left to do is fill the bottles with wine, attached the labels, box them, and deliver the car tons to the store for retail sales and your profits.

Labels and Environmental Conditions

However, with the tens of thousands of wines available in the marketplace, what marketing strategies can you use to differentiate your wine from all the others? Aside from standing next to your product handing out samples, the only real option that is left is to create a unique label sure to attract the consumer’s eye.

And just like the quality of the wine that is contained within your bottles, so to should the label be created with the same care, from high-quality stock using only the finest inks available. This will ensure it can withstand the environmental conditions the wine bottle will have to endure.

In the life of a wine bottle label, it is shoved into a box, placed on shelves enduring intense sunlight, may be placed in cold refrigerators or dunked into buckets of ice for long periods of time.

The label printing stock, and the ink must survive the elements of being blasted with sunlight, left in the hot or cold, and kept wet without slipping, falling off or fading. Professional companies specializing in wine labels in Melbourne constantly test their products to guarantee their inks will not fade, and their glues will not fail.

A Wine Worth Purchasing

However, just having the labels remain securely on the wine bottles is not all that is required to attract potential customers who might be eager to buy your product. Professional graphic artist working with printing company specializing in custom labels Melbourne can create eye-catching artwork and logos for your products. Producing a professional looking label speaks volumes to consumers that your product is a wine worth trying.

While it is not necessary to have multi colors, which could add to the overall cost of each label, creating a professional looking label can garner enough attention to increase sales. Additionally, professional label printers can add embossing and foil stamping along with printing in a semi-gloss, gloss or matte finish. Holograms are also available through some professional printing service companies that sell wine labels in Melbourne.

Wine as a Social Status

Whether we admit it or not, drinking wine is a social status event. When we present a bottle of wine, with the fancy label, to our family and friends, it naturally speaks that we are going to enjoy its contents.

If we believe, by the label, it is an expensive bottle of wine, even if that is not so, we tend to enjoy it more, and think the gift more thoughtful. As a bottler it is important to spend the time, energy and little expense it takes to creatively make our label all that much more impressive in the competitive world of selling our wine.

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