At present, insomnia has become an important issue that affects the health of modern people. It not only affects people's emotions, but also affects the immune system. More importantly, insomnia is often one of the external manifestations of the underlying disease of the body. Occasional insomnia can cause fatigue and uncoordinated movements the next day, and long-term insomnia can lead to inattention, memory impairment, and inadequate work capacity. Drinking tea is a good thing for your health, but if you drink it in moderation, it can cause insomnia. Although Pu-erh tea has health effects, it can also cause insomnia if it is improperly consumed. Paying attention to sleep quality means paying attention to quality of life, paying attention to sleep means paying attention to health. In other words, in order to avoid insomnia caused by Pu-erh tea, we should learn to drink it skillfully and appropriately.

1. Try to drink Pu-erh cooked tea at night.
It is recommended to drink cooked tea at night. Pu-erh tea is divided into raw tea and cooked tea. Among them, raw tea has a high content of tea polyphenols and maintains its original properties. It has strong irritation and is more likely to cause insomnia after drinking. Heap fermentation and maturation, the tea polyphenols contained in it have been transformed. After the "maturation" process, the irritation is weak, it is gentle and gentle, and it is suitable for drinking at night. It is not easy to cause insomnia. People who are usually emotionally agitated or sensitive, sleep poorly and are physically weak are advised to drink less or no tea at night. In addition, when you drink tea at night, you should put less tea leaves and do not make the tea too thick. Especially for those with weak spleen and stomach, adding a little milk when drinking cooked tea can play a certain role in warming the stomach. To sum up, in order to avoid insomnia, we should drink cooked tea as much as possible.

2. Proper brewing of Pu-erh away from insomnia.
Pu-erh tea is more resistant to foam than ordinary tea, and can be brewed more than 20 times in a row. Therefore, the concentration of Pu-erh tea should not be too large, especially for the elderly and people with poor gastrointestinal properties. It causes nerve excitement and insomnia. Only proper brewing can bring the health benefits of Pu-erh tea into play and reduce the risk of insomnia.
Try not to make tea to drink. For Pu-erh tea, although some people say that it tastes only when it is boiled, Weng Kun, secretary general of the National Tea Standardization Technical Committee and deputy researcher of the National Tea Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, clearly states: Drink. "Because you cook and drink, the concentration is easily too high, which not only increases the risk of insomnia at night but also affects the spleen and stomach. When brewing, you should choose a pot with a big belly, because the concentration of Pu-erh tea is high, and a pot with a big belly can prevent the tea from being too thick. As for the amount of brewing, the amount of tea can be about 20% of the pot body.

3. Drink Pu-erh at the right time.
Drink tea also in a timely manner. The so-called moderate amount refers to generally healthy adults who usually have tea drinking habits. It is suitable to drink about 12 grams of tea a day and divide it into 8-10 times. For people who have a lot of physical labor, consume a lot, and eat a lot of food, especially those with high temperature and exposure to poisonous substances, it is also appropriate to drink about 20 grams of tea a day, because this can allow tea to participate in human metabolism and fully Play diuretic and detoxifying effects. The so-called timely, tea time should be arranged during the day as much as possible, avoiding one hour before and one after meals. Of course, the specific situation also depends on factors such as my age, physical fitness, health status, and living environment. If you can't do both, it is difficult to guarantee that drinking Pu-erh tea will not cause insomnia.

4. Never drink tea on an empty stomach.
Drinking tea on an empty stomach, especially in the morning on an empty stomach, will cause serious harm to the human body. Because tea contains a component called caffeine, if you drink a lot in the fasting period, the tea will directly enter the abdomen, causing the intestine to absorb too much caffeine. This result is caused by temporary adrenal hyperfunction in the gastrointestinal tract, causing adverse reactions such as palpitation and frequent urination. At present, modern people keep eating less dinner, and try to prevent late-night sleep and supper before bedtime. Therefore, at night, the food in the stomach has already entered the digestive stage of the small intestine. If you drink Pu-erh tea in such a fasting state, it is easy to cause insomnia.
Experts point out that if the bad habits of drinking tea on an empty stomach are maintained for a long time, in addition to affecting the health of the spleen and stomach, it will also affect the absorption of vitamin B1 in our body. Therefore, the saying "don't drink hollow tea" has been circulating since ancient China. If you want to drink Pu-erh tea in the morning, you must eat it too early before tasting, and in the evening it is one hour after a meal, which is the best time to drink Pu-erh tea.

5. Do not drink too much tea.
Try to avoid too much tea. Drinking Pu-erh tea first is a test of the stomach and intestines, everyone should choose Pu-erh tea according to their different physical conditions. Sometimes I'm in a good mood, not only want to taste the fresh taste of freshly picked spring tea, but also to drink old tea from the old age. I also want to try the tea in the transition period. It is similar to a mixed wine mixed with white wine, beer, red wine and wine. Easy to get drunk. Three, five or even more tea products are not only prone to the "tea drunk" phenomenon of dizziness, but insomnia may also follow immediately.

6. To avoid insomnia, try cold water bubbles.
Caffeine in tea has a refreshing effect, which is why many people drink tea for insomnia. One of the great benefits of cold water tea is that it can reduce the leaching of caffeine in tea and avoid people's insomnia. Some people have conducted experiments to brew tea with water at different temperatures. The amount of caffeine leaching in tea drops with the drop in water temperature. Among them, the extraction amount of caffeine brewed with water at 100 ° C was about 1.35 times that of brewed tea with water at 4 ° C. It can be seen that those who have the desire to drink tea but have concerns about the irritating properties of caffeine may wish to try "cold tea", especially in the hot summer days, they can also experience the "crystal bright, cool heart" "a feeling of.
Pu-erh tea is good, but insomnia is really crazy. Drinking Pu-erh tea cleverly and in a timely manner is not only good for the body, but can also enjoy the wonderful sensory enjoyment brought by Pu-erh tea under the premise of ensuring sleep. The above suggestions are aimed at people who are relatively sensitive in constitution and nerves. In fact, except for some people who are prone to tea and insomnia, there are still many people who have trained King Kong and have a bad stomach, and have large nerves-no matter how fast they drink tea in the morning, their bodies will still taste better. No matter how much tea you mix, you still sleep in the evening. After all, drinking Pu-erh tea is a spiritual and spiritual practice. For people who are prone to insomnia but love tea, it takes time to walk slowly. It is better to be careful.
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