According to a study that came out on August 23rd 2010 in Canada, it was found that in two groups of baby boomers who ate exactly the same foods in a one month period; the group who drank 2 glasses of water before their meal, lost significantly more weight than the group who did not drink water before their meal.

This is significant in weight loss for the baby boom population, because they are less active than their counterparts and therefore exert less physical energy; but it also effect the timing of drinking any type of water for hydrating our body, even when trying to lose weight.

It is also important for the general population, who are drinking far many more acidic drinks, than natural water in their diet. Since the human body is made up of 80% water, our body demands natural water for replenishing the body’s fluid supply; which we have lost through the internal processing of fluids and in the external perspiration of heat.

Natural water comes through our household taps and is the healthiest beverage that you could possibly drink, because of the body needs wants for natural water, which is 7 on the alkaline / acid level scale.

In today’s western society, a large percentage of the population drink predominantly acidic drinks, through coffee; teas; sodas; alcohol; stimulant drinks; fruit juices and even bottled water, with very little neutral water naturally drunk.. It seems there is the belief that natural water has many toxic elements housed in the water supply, not filtered out from chemical spraying of crops that feed into our household water supply.

Manufactured carbon filters will eliminate the chlorine taste from the water, which is used to kill any potential bacteria in the water supply, but very little else. It is up to city professionals to test and eliminate other unforeseen chemical toxins in our household water that would seriously jeopardize the safety of our drinking water for human consumption.

The best way to improve your overall health and fitness is to drink alkaline water, which has a Ph of 9.5 that can act as a healer to your body. Another name for this type of water is ionized water; because alkaline water has been converted through a chemical process to contain negative ions.

It means that when this water is drunk, the water searches for any positive ions stored in your body to connect and neutralize from any acidic ions. Acidic ions will remain in the body after consuming any acidic drinks such as sodas, tea, coffee, alcohol and bottled water; which are themselves searching for vulnerable negative ions in your body that they can latch on, for invading your organs as a beginning of a chronic disease.

If you are overweight, you will find that your body will enjoy this type of water and will want you to drink more of it. By drinking more alkaline water than sodas or acidic drinks, your body will become stronger and more energized to engage in productive activity, which will ensure greater weight loss.

Obesity is not my problem, but severe pain with osteoarthritis in my hands. By drinking alkaline water and no acidic drinks except my one cup of coffee in the morning and the occasional beer when I am out; I have removed 90% of the severe pain from the devastating pain of osteoarthritis, plus erased the need for pain-relief surgery on both my hands. It is has truly been a miracle treatment for pain and discomforts.

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The author Gail McGonigal is a qualified Occupational Therapist with an M.Sc in Health Promotion.
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