It is difficult for many people to understand that there are very different types of water around. This is largely due to the chemical structure of natural water.

Water that comes from your tap is natural water at a pH of normally 7.5; which many people fear may not be healthy for us, because of the chemicals that may be in the water through chemical fertilizer drainage from soil into the water.

If you drink tap water that has been filtered through one of the manufactured filtration systems, the water should be cleaned of any serious chemical impurities and is one of the safest waters that you can drink for fresh drinking water at 7.5.

Contrary to many people’s thinking, bottled water is not that healthy do drink; unless it comes from a natural spring. Spring water comes from storage in rocks and will have a much higher pH level at around 8.

Bottled water that has been filtered through a manufactured process will come out mildly acidic and with its storage in plastic bottles, it has less value to your body than tap water. This is because you pay for bottled water, when your tap water is free!

So next time you go shopping and purchase all those large packets of bottled water on sale; you are really not saving any money; because tap water is better for your health that acidic bottled water.

You may still be puzzled about the differences between alkaline and acidic water. Any fluids can be tested to see if it is alkaline or acidic. Our bodies with consist of 8% water is neutral in content – being neither alkaline nor acidic. To function normally, it wants neutral water from your tap.

Yet how many people actually drink neutral water? We drink coffee in the morning (acidic), coffee at mid break (acidic), maybe bottled water at lunch (acidic), tea in the afternoon (acidic), a glass of wine at dinner (acidic) and another tea before bed (acidic). We can in fact drink fluids all day and not be drinking anything that is neutral for our body.

I will admit myself that I have been guilty of not drinking sufficient natural water; because I love my morning coffee and being typically English, I like my afternoon tea. But I also get a build-up of too much acid in my body, giving me a host of different infections, such as urinary tract infections and yeast infection; when I know I have drunk too much alcohol.

Everything had to change after I experienced my family’s hereditary condition of arthritis in my thumb joints in both hands at the age of 50. I never believed that arthritic pain could hurt so much. The onset was sudden and very debilitating, because we use constantly use our thumbs in functional holding of objects and appliances and stabilizing grips throughout each day.
The severe pain was unrelentless with or without movement; there was no reprieve of the pain – except one cortisone injection into the thumb, which only lasted 4 weeks! But I was only allowed one cortisone shot every six months!

Then I heard about alkaline water and how it can heal the body of acidity in the body. I knew that this was a problem in my body and so I bought a machine and vowed to drink more alkaline water.

I noticed very little effect from using this water, because I was still drinking acidic drinks whenever I went out to cafes and such like. I realized that to make it work, I was going to have to drink nothing but alkaline water and see if it truly works.

So for 2 weeks, I drank nothing but alkaline water. By the end of the first week, the pain in my thumbs had almost gone. The change was fast and almost immediate. I really did not want to go back to the pain, but I missed my morning coffee. This was my wake-up call in the morning.

The coffee that I drink is made from alkaline water and a whole lot weaker. It is a small price to pay if I can be 90% pain-free.

Alkaline water of 9.5 alkalinity will neutralize all the acidic content in your body. It must be drunk completely, without any acidic drinks, so that you can notice the effects that it can make in your body. Then you can gradually acid some acidity, as long as it does not take over your life again.

Too much acidity in your body will cause your chronic pains to happen again and then you will suffer with chronic pain and discomfort, which will ruin your quality of life.

Author's Bio: 

The author Gail McGonigal, owns a website called Active Living Solutions Ltd. She is a qualified Occupational Therapist, creating a niche market in comfortable, ergonomic daily living products. These products are not about disability, but are enabling products for helping customers improve on their quality of life. Gail uses the products herself and believes they improve her own active lifestyle as she ages. Gail also wants to help customers remain productively active in daily living, with their own unique lifestyle. Gail has started by selling ergonomic chairs, because she has overcome back problems through ergonomic sitting. She is now adding alkaline water to her sales: because it has overcome the severe arthritic pain in both her hands from osteoarthritis. Gail wants you to try the water with a new portable ionizer at less cost that you can take wherever you go, but still have ionized, or alkaline water. She uses both the large machine attached to her kitchen taps and the portable ionizer for trips away from home.