Water passing through a Vortex Turbulator attains an ideal state that promotes good health. After reviewing the following books on water and natural health sciences, I found some interesting facts and prepositions.

_Your Body's Many Cries For Water_

_Alkalize or Die_

_Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine_

_Love Thyself_

More and more people are realizing the importance of drinking good, clean water in its ideal state, and conventional wisdom says you should drink eight glasses of water a day. But just what is good, clean water? Everyone wants it. What is its ideal state?

One of the biggest breakthroughs in health, for the world masses of the 21st Century, will be the production of water that is clean, turbulated and structured so that it’s closer to its ideal state and promotes health. Most people consider water a key to good health, and many buy or make better water everyday. For proof, just look at the explosion of the bottled water industry during the last ten years; because of it, we have a waste problem with all those plastic containers. People begin drinking more water when they realize that lack of hydration is a major cause of our health problems today.

It all starts with pain. In his book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, Dr. Batmanghelidj, MD shows how pain is directly connected to dehydration (p. 22). He further explains that pain in the body, no matter where it occurs, is the precursor to disease. Reading his book may make a profound impression – one that will start you drinking more water.

But getting enough water is just half the battle, or shall we rephrase that and say absorbing enough water is the major battle. The proper pH of our bodies and our water is critical for the absorption of water to promote good health. In order to clean the acid waste from our bodies, we need to consume more water; by drinking alkalized water, our bodies can more rapidly reach an alkaline state.

In his book, Alkalize or Die, Dr. Theodore Baroody, MA, DC, ND, L.M.T., Ph.D, ND states, “Unfortunately, waste acids that are not eliminated when they should be are reabsorbed from the colon into the liver and put back in general circulation. They then deposit in the tissues. It is these tissue residues that determine sickness or health” (p. 17). In a nutshell, alkaline water flushes out the tissue acid faster than the popular soft drinks people often consume. Unfortunately, for most folks, alkaline water is not their first beverage of choice, but it is the one that is most needed.

So far this discussion has focused on our bodies absorbing water to prevent sickness. But what about getting water to our bodies? What is shocking is the scarcity of clean water here in the United States and around the world.

Because clean drinking water is disappearing at a very rapid rate, there is a global shift in who controls the fresh water supply. In the past, robber barons controlled petroleum resources, gold and diamond mining. Today, clean water is the monopoly target.

Newsweek, October 18, 2010 had a leading article titled,“The New Oil.” In it, author Jeneen Interlandi asks, “Should private companies control our most precious natural resource?” The article presents a map of the most-water-rich and most-drought-stricken nations. It is a sobering compilation of facts showing just how thirsty our world is, and how deals are made to take control of the global fresh water supply. The article discusses how big corporations are scrambling to monopolize areas with fresh water, no matter which country or region it is in. Now, life’s most essential molecule is rapidly becoming a global commodity. Profit oriented global corporations don’t care about drought or thirst; they care only about increasing their bottom line.

Because of the oil shortage, people have been buying more fuel-efficient cars. Because of the shortage of clean drinking water, people are buying increased quantities of purified or bottled water for personal consumption.

In the United States many people now believe their tap water is unsafe. Some diseases can be traced to dehydration, and some chemicals are associated with drinking water.

The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine states, “Most of our water supply is full of chemicals, including not only chlorine and fluoride, which are routinely added, but a wide range of toxic organic compounds and chemicals such as PCBs, pesticide residues, nitrates, and heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium. It is estimated that lead alone may contaminate the water of forty million Americans” (p. 60).

Most people are connecting the dots from chemicals in the water to diseases in their bodies. They are concerned about water for their children. They are asking themselves, “How can I get the best water? What is the best water?”

Just in the past five years, the soft drink industry and the food industry have waged a war aimed at convincing consumers who has the best water. Today’s market offers dozens of bottled water brands with water coming from all over the world. Some consumers like French water, some buy Italian water, some buy sacred water from springs where, more than a hundred years ago, someone had a healing miracle. And those do not include domestic spring waters, distilled waters, healing waters in all varieties and colors, some with vitamins, herbs, fruit – you name it and you can probably get it.

There are also water purification machines, water softening systems, reverse osmosis machines, ozonating machines, distillation machines, ionizing machines, magnetizing machines – even water that has gone through the energetic focal point in a modern, manmade pyramid. So where will the “best water” trend end in 2010? What is the latest buzz? Who has the cutting-edge winner?

To answer that question we should focus on the home. Modern American families want to do everything from their home: their business, their family entertainment, their socializing – everything is home oriented. That is why home water systems are leading the race to gain dominance in this growing market. Many American families want to convert their tap water to balanced, structured, ionized or ozonated water, or any combination of these, for the whole house.

But which one of these is what water likes? Did you know water has a memory? Did you know water can be happy or sad? Again, which treatments or purifications does water LIKE? These questions may not be as strange as they first sound.

Some discoveries accepted today were considered weird just five or ten years ago. For example, Masaru Emoto used pictures of water crystals to prove that water has memory. In his book, Love Thyself, The Message from Water III, he talks about vibrations from a tuning fork and vibrations from written words on bottles, no matter which language. That’s right! The vibratory pattern of those words, like a tuning fork, will set a certain memory and vibration in the water molecules. To prove this, Emoto presents pictures of the water after it’s frozen. There is an incredible difference between water that was labeled LOVE and water that was labeled HATE. The waters were the same; the jars were the same; the only difference was the word on the labels. LOVE had beautiful harmonious crystal patterns, but HATE produced ugly, disfigured, unformed crystals. Many jars had labels in different languages, but LOVE still produced beauty while HATE produced ugliness.

The point is that water has memory. It likes creation and harmony but not destruction. It prefers meandering patterns and is lazy and fluid. Rivers do not flow in straight lines but meander. When water goes down a drain, it does not fall in like sand in an hour glass; it prefers and chooses to spin, going around and around, creating a vortex. This vortex motion is water’s strongest and oldest memory, its favorite meandering path. The vortex action is what brings water back to its ideal state.

Our growing knowledge about water’s natural harmony will influence the change in people’s drinking choices. People are buying more green products. They want to be in harmony with nature. Water turbulated in a vortex is water’s most exciting movement, its oldest memory. The turbulation action inside the vortex literally separates the corrupted unnatural larger clusters of the bonded water molecules within this implosion process. It produces water molecules in a six-molecular cluster, its ideal state. Even snow flakes mimic this shape. People today want to drink water in its natural state – clean, structured and harmonized with its original memory. Can it be made right in the home? Yes, it can.

The biggest breakthrough in health for the 21st Century will be the production of water right in one’s own home that is clean, turbulated and structured in harmony with its ideal state and promoting health. The Vortex Turbulator (VT) from Monolithic; (http://www.monolithic.com/stories/the-vortex-turbulator-a-breakthrough-i...) is the most affordable unit on the market today that will produce water in its ideal state. Not only is the water alkaline and structured, but it’s clean, because the VT is the only turbulator on the market that comes with a filtration system and a year’s supply of the industry’s best carbon block filters, all included with the purchase. Now for the first time in history, many families can have water in its ideal state, for the whole house, for less than $1,000.

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Because of my extensive experience growing up in my father's medical clinic and my work as a chairman of an analysis laboratory, combined with my professional expertise in the nutritional and whole food supplement industry for over 24 years, I have accumulated a reasonable understanding of nutrition and healing for the human body. My natural & complete recovery from Hepatitis A, B and C has brought me into particular focus to develop good liver health. My goal is to help the world achieve healthy livers. I am the only Hepatitis A, B and C TRUE Recovery Pioneer, free of the virus and antibodies for over 17 years. My book Hepatitis C, CURED tells my healing journey and is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian at www.johnnydelirious.com.

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