Sound like an impossible task doesn’t it? The pro’s use massive amounts of money to get their traffic in large quantities. You can do as well or better without spending any money!
One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is by using FREE classified ads! There is quite a number of this type of advertising websites, however; as with anything some are better than others. The best FREE classified ad network that I have found is allows you to create ads FREE of charge and target people in specific regions of the United States.
Another way of getting large amounts of traffic is by using social media websites such as and When using social networks to market your traffic you must keep in mind that these social networks were created to socialize. This means that people are not part of a social network to receive ads from you. It is OK to send ads as long as you don’t send too many, where as this would look like spam. When using social networks you should follow a general rule that for every ad you place you should send out 10 non advertisements messages. This will allow you to promote your website without spamming. Keep your friends request to a maximum of 50 per day.
One of the best ways I have found to drive massive amounts of traffic to a website or blog is using free ad websites. You have several FREE programs to choose from. My two favorites are and I have been getting great results from both of them. Here is a third place I use but they are not quite free. Free is also a very good place to write an article for and have it submitted to anywhere between 30 and 50 blogs with your back links in each article. You can use websites such as and to drive traffic to your web site. Article marketing drives traffic in two ways. They can click your links within the article and the links themselves are highly useful in search engine optimization SEO. More links equals better search engine results!
Finally a massive way to market your website is Traffic Exchanges. These are websites where you can place your website and then do what is called surf the site looking at someone else’s ads, for every web site/ad you look at, then they put one of yours in front of someone so they can see what you are offering it’s a one for one exchange.
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US Navy retired after 22 years, I have my A&P licensed aircraft mechanic, that has enabled me to stay employed my whole life until the last company I worked at went bankrupt in February 2009. I was not able to find a new job in aviation that didn’t require me to become a nomad moving from job site to job site, not the way I wanted to live. With the economy the way it is and my unemployment depleted, we decided to become permanently retired.
I’ve been very lucky in my marriage from the beginning and now, the same wonderful lady for 44 years now. We have two grown up children Laura and David. Our son David has not found a lives mate yet; he lives in Washington State and works for Boeing. Our daughter Laura is married and has three children. They are why we made the chose to move to Alabama to be close to them. I love fishing, my father and I would go fishing almost every weekend in Mosquito Lake in Ohio where I grew up. I have started fishing here in Alabama and found that I am very rusty, will as they say practice makes perfect.