Learning how to drive is not all about learning the technical aspects or getting accustomed with the prevailing traffic rules. It also means gathering knowledge to confront sudden changes in the environment around the vehicle and responding to these changes adequately and appropriately.


Responding to the sudden change of natural conditions that tend to be intimidating, and staying safe is a MUST for someone at the wheels. In fact, this is one of the most important aspects of training curriculum of the noted driving schools. The mentors of these schools, while imparting lessons MUST guide the trainees about how to take on these sudden climate changes

Take for instance, the case of driving in misty conditions. People need to have a sound technical knowledge to drive in mist and the mentors of driving schools in Berwick provide a string of instructions that help.

  • The first and foremost step one should take before embarking on the journey is checking the weather forecast and the road reports that come up from time to time.
  • In case there is any weather warning, or reports regarding poor visibility it is advisable to defer the trip till the conditions clear out - if possible.

However, this is a rather superficial start and one does not need to be  a driving instructor to advise that. Any one would tell that.

Now the more intricate parts are to follow...

  • Checking the windscreen for ensuring cleanliness and to make sure the surface is not oily. The misty substances tend to sick to   to the windscreen, reducing the visibility by a significant extent.
  • Testing the fog lights and evaluating their focus and effectiveness is a must. Most of the mishaps that occur during misty conditions is because of faulty fog lights.
  • During mist, the windshields start to gather fog on the interiors . This reduces the visibility by a considerable extent. When that happens, opening one of the side windows - but only slightly and then switching on the defroster to a higher speed will help.
  • In case of vehicles with AC, it is wise to use it, as it will reduce the humidity as well as the moisture that collects on the windows and the windscreen.
  • Defrosting the car is also a very effective step. 

Then again, taking on sudden misty conditions in the middle of the journey, is an altogether different ball game about which, quality instructors of driving schools in Pakenham make their trainees aware.

  • The speed needs to be controlled - first of all. Trying to be a Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton can prove to be suicidal in these conditions- for obvious reasons.
  • The headlights need to be constantly on, even driving during daytime.
  • When it comes to viewing things that and less than 100 metes away, using fog lights is a MUST, as it will increase visibility and help the other drivers see.
  • Using high beam headlights during fog or mist is an absolutely NO-NO! These lights are extremely bright and hence can affect the vision by creating multiple reflections of mist, further lessening visibility.

Therefore, when it comes to taking instructions in reputed driving schools, these are some of the basics that they mentor would provide lessons about. That is why, enrolling to reputed driving schools always helps.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a seasoned driver instructor of one of the most reputed driving schools in Berwick, Pakenham. The author is also a regular blogger.