What drives sales to businesses can best be answered with a strategic marketing plan. Many businesses do not recognize the importance of a market research plan. They have developed a plan that may have worked for businesses in similar niches or worked for them in the past.

What is lacking is innovation and further growth. Many people are open to the idea of trying out new products and services. Having surveys that help businesses reach the correct price point, correct advertisements, learn about how people are thinking about their competitors, will help generate ideas and innovation that increase sales.

Market research has been in business for almost 100 years. The experience to help businesses create better sales is proven over time. The invention of the internet has helped market research companies reach consumers faster and globally.

Business today is combining sales and marketing into one platform in order to collaborate and share ideas. The once secluded departments have now come together to formulate a tandem that drives innovation and growth into 2019.

More innovation is needed. Businesses should never get complacent and think this is it.. We did it, because other competitors and businesses will be quick to grab the ball and out shine them with constant innovation.

One of the big arenas for businesses these days are social media. Hopefully this trend ends and does not evolve further but right now it has to garner a lot of attention. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, all are a huge market for businesses.

T.V. and online ads like google were the two biggest for a while. Now sites like Facebook can pin point and target a specific demographic in an instant. You have a hair product for African American females just coming out and you know its garnered for ages 25 - 35. The business might set up an ad campaign pin pointing this demographic for ages 20 - 40 just to be safe and have the campaign working instantly!

So many people are on Facebook at any given time allowing businesses to get instant results. T.V commercials are not as direct because the person is not a click away from sharing an email address or buying the actual product.

What the business can do after a Facebook marketing campaign is rinse and repeat and hire a market research manager to analyze results and fine tune the next ad campaign to make even more money. The manager will take the data received whether it is by time, state, city, day, etc and maximize the return on investment to the maximum.

Some market teams can forecast into the future what your sales will be on any given platform. With 100 years of experience, this gives businesses a lot of confidence with market research companies, even for small business. Forecasting growth and having the forecasting delivered or even surpassed is one of the crown jewels for market research.

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