Driving is always fun regardless of the weather. It's all right and good when the day is clear and sunny but what happens if you were to encounter extreme bad weather conditions? If you live anywhere near Europe, it is likely that you will face rain and snow more often than a sunny day.That's why it is important to learn driving from professionals. You may already understand everything in theory but the practical application of theory can be a lot more difficult than you expect. You can visit http://www.booktheorytesttoday.com/ if you wish to touch up on your driving knowledge.


Following are some tips that can help you overcome bad weather as well as save your life in extreme conditions.



Snow is probably the biggest bane of a driver's life. The landscape covered in snow may seem serene but for a driver it's a misfortune. Ensure that you have made the following precautions before venturing to drive in snow.

  • Headlights –remember to keep your headlights on at all times in case of bad weather. The visibility range is usually narrow on such occasions and if your car is white, it can make it even more dangerous as your car could be camouflaged by the snow. Keeping your headlights on will help other drivers to see you.
  • Brake mildly –when driving on slippery surfaces, brake gently and put mild pressure on the accelerator. If the wheels of your car begin to spin, ease up on the accelerator paddle until traction comes back. Before going out in snow, test your brakes to see how long it takes to stop.
  • Exhaust pipe –if excessive snow was piled up on your car, make sure that the exhaust pipe is completely clear before driving out. On the off chance that your tailpipe is blocked you could end up inhaling carbon monoxide which can lead to suffocation.
  • Slush and Sleet –keep an ice brush in your car all the time, you may need to use it Also, ensure that you have a de-icing wiper fluid with you. If you're stuck in ice, try using your floor mats as a source of traction under the tires.


Heavy Rainfall

Rain is only second to snowfall when it comes to the blights of a driver. It is recommended that you do not go out during rainfall if you're not confident in your driving skills.

  • Windshield Wipers –keep your windshield wipers on at all times plus make sure your headlights are also on. It will aid other drivers to see you in case of low visibility. The emphasis on the importance of headlights cannot be stressed enough.
  • Distance –keep twice the gap you usually keep between you and the next car. The slippery surface of the road can prolong the time of brake, so it will probably take longer to stop the car on the traffic signals, increasing the chances of collision.You should pull over the car in case of heavy rain and wait till the worst of it has passed.


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