India is a mad country! Yes, it is a crazy country even for those who are born here. Driving in India is particularly frenzied experience as you cannot implement more than ten of your driving skills in your practical driving experience on the road. The real lessons of driving in the country are actually very harsh, and you have to cope with them if you want to be a successful driver in the challenging traffic. If you are a beginner behind the steering wheel, you can implement these zany tactics to be up-and-coming at the earliest.

Keep your ego at home

The driving instructor will tell you the things that they are meant to tell. You might feel bored when they say you keep the speed in control, wear the seat belts, and blah…blah…blah. No doubt that these things are important, but one important thing that they might not mention is that you need to rest your ego at home. The Indian drivers become notorious when it comes to road rage. No matter how big you are as a personality, no one will ask you about your position in the Indian political system while hitting your car.

Even if you drive a Mercedes or an Audi, it will only reveal that you are wealthy. Without knowing anyone, you may bang your car into the other vehicle, but you should never, never make a fuss about it. If you've made a mistake, just say sorry and settle the matter. If the other driver wronged you, be assertive but try not to get angry.

Going on the wrong side

The infrastructure of Indian roads compel the drivers to be on the wrong side of the road at times. However, you should understand that you are intruding the space of others; it is not the other way round. You should drive your car carefully and slowly. Rather than cursing the road or the other misbehaved drivers, just keep calm and drive smoothly. Do not try to correct other by shouting on them; people change when they want to. Your lectures are not going to do any good. Stay calm.

Use the indicators

Most Indian drivers do not use the indicators while taking a turn. And even if they do, they do it in the wrong way. On the highways, you will find many truck drivers using the indicators to indicate the other drivers to overtake them, which is the wrong way of doing it. Let it be the case with the trucks, but do not use the indicator lights for the wrong signals for your car. Moreover, use the indicator lights at least a few meters before you take the turn, not when you actually want to turn the car. It does not give time to the other drivers to adjust their position.

Whether you are an Indian or a foreigner driving Car Rentals in Jaipur or any other Indian city, the scenario is more or less same everywhere in the country. You need to be prepared for anything and everything that can happen on the road. When you are driving Car Rentals Jaipur, you need to be extra cautious because you do not own the car. The other vehicles on the road may drive in a mess on the road, but it is only your duty to be a responsible driver. You may find several autorickshaws and two-wheelers driving without their headlights on; many such incidents are common in most cities. Therefore, you cannot blame anyone for the accident if it happens anywhere in the country. So gear up new drivers; the challenges of the roads are waiting for you.

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I am fond of roaming on my own and always require a car, so i usually hire car on rent for exploring the India. Here I want to share my experience and some advice while travelling which can help everyone while travelling anywhere in India.