Over the past few years, vinyl flooring has become a popular choice among business owners due to its enthralling benefits. Apart from being affordable, elegant and versatile, it is one of those “easy-to-clean” materials that require minimal upkeep and repairs.

If you have recently transformed your office floors with vinyl flooring, you need to ensure it looks stunning for a lifetime. Have you ever wondered about the tricks to keep your vinyl flooring look as good as new? Well, to make it easier for you, we have listed a few nifty tips that will help you clean and care for your office floors better.

A Light Sweeping Twice a Day is Enough

The most exciting thing about vinyl flooring is that you don’t have to bear huge expenses for its maintenance. The experts of the professional cleaning companies in Brisbane know the tricks to clean vinyl floors and performs a light sweeping twice a day with a good quality broom to keep it clean and shiny. Once the sweeping is done, they perform a simple mopping with lukewarm or cold water using a gentle mop cleaner so as to give floors a lint-free shine.

Vinyl-friendly Cleaning Products Works Best

While mopping luxury floors, it’s essential to follow certain guidelines and ensure the floor doesn’t get too much wet. Although vinyl floors come with heat and moisture resistant feature, however, it’s not a good idea to splash too much water as it may ruin the shine and feel. The market is flooded with vinyl-friendly cleaning products; therefore, you can choose any one that suits your requirement and budget. Another exiting feature of vinyl flooring is that you don’t need to scrub too hard, rather gentle mopping can do the wonders.

Handle Tough Stains Gently with Warm Water

Unlike any other material, vinyl flooring offers ultimate ease of cleaning when it comes to tough stains and spills. For people who neglect to remove acidic stains in proper time, often end up with dark spots on vinyl floors that can’t be restored later on. So how can you safeguard your vinyl floors from deadly stains? Well, nothing better than lukewarm water with a gentle cleaner can work in such a situation. Without putting effort on scrubbing stains hard, you can easily dilute scruff marks and revive your floors.

Be Aware of These Common Mistakes

The best way to make your vinyl floors last longer is by following the guidelines below:

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals
  • Avoid using steel wool for scrubbing
  • Don’t splash too much water om floors
  • Always rinse away leftover cleaners with warm water
  • Avoid dragging of furniture on floors. Felt adhesive strips can be placed at the bottom of chairs.

Final Remarks

If you have splurged on vinyl flooring, likely, you won’t expect damage or repair to your pricey investment. By following the tricks mentioned above, you can keep your floors in good health for decades.

Author's Bio: 

The author is an expert in office cleaning in Brisbane and working in one of the most reputed cleaning companies in Brisbane.