How can I actually reduce my bodyfat percentage, make my abs visible and begin to look lean and healthy? And is it genuinely possible? First of all, absolutely yes you can achieve all of this, you can have get the body you desire and in fact it is not as hard to do as you probably believe.

If that were the case then why is it that such a great amount of people are not satisfied with their body shape?

Well, the reason for that is that a good many people think they do have the knowledge to attain the body of they desire however unfortunately they don't. For example some people still seem to believe that if they starve themselves this will help them lose weight when really that is certainly not a healthy or sustainable thing to do. Here we will very concisely point out what to do to lose body fat yet maintain your muscle mass. Here we have the following burn the fat feed the muscle review of guidelines to drop bodyfat and look lean:

1. Participate in aerobic workouts.Try to get your heart rate to 65-75% of it's maximum for between 20 minutes - 60 minutes. This is the single best heart rate zone for weight loss.

2. Eat regualrly smaller sized meals.Doing this raises the speed of your bodys metabolism as your body is aware that is possesses a constant supply of calories which ensures it need not keep a firm grasp on the calories that it currently does possess.

3. Try to ensure a relatively high protein intake. This will ensure that you keep hold of the valuable muscle mass that you have already built. This will also help you lose weight as muscle mass needs more calories to keep it alive and working properly than fat tissue does.

4. Keep drinking water.Over 70% of the body is made of water. It is used in many chemical reactions around the body, if there isn't enough water then these don't happy as efficiently as they otherwise would. Drinking water will keep you healthy so drink plenty of it.

5. Avoid eating carbs before bed.Preferably do not eat within 2-3 hours of going to bed. carbs a re very unlikely to be worked off whilst you are sleeping so they simply get converted into fat and hang around your body in the form of fat tissue.

6. Get over 7 hours of sleep each night.Not getting enough sleep disrupts the ease at which the body metabolizes carbohydrates produces high blood glucose which leads to increased insulin levels and higher body fat. It also reduces reduces leptin levels and makes the body crave carbs.

7. Maintain alow level of carbohydrate intake.The body will only use fat as a source of energy once it has gotten through the carbohydrate supplies. If you consume lots of carbohydrate then it will take longer to use up that energy and get into the fat burning.

So, no excuses now, they are really straightforward guidelines to follow, now get stuck in.

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