Dropshipping is a great business to earn money without any hustle and bustle. To start your dropshipping business, you need to consult some drop shipping supplier company firstly. Therefore, wisely choose the dropshipping business platform.

In US, there are much more drop shipping supplier who provide you to do dropshipping with Shopify. Among them, My Online Fashion Store is one. If you are greatly interested in Shopify Dropshipping, then My Online Fashion Store can help you a lot.

In this online era, people like to order the products via online rather than to purchase from a physical store. This thing greatly benefits to you if you have are interested in doing online business through your eCommerce store. You can integrate your eCommerce store with Shopify and enhance the standard of your store and attract more customers.

Shopify come up with latest and designer fashion apparels, jewelry and women accessories. Rather Shopify dropshipping is a complicated process, but it has long-term benefits and profits. Through My Online Fashion Store, you can buy Shopify dropshipping membership plan within very low amount and initiate your dropshipping business. They have displayed the guidelines and steps to commence the eCommerce store on Shopify and upload the product images.

Dropshipping is a kind of business which needs low investment and allows the business men to earn more.

Dropshipping Process:

  1. First of all, customer orders the product from the dropshipping eCommerce store.
  2. The order notification goes to the drop shipping supplier and the businessman.
  3. The drop shipping supplier starts to pack the order for the shipment according to the address uploaded by the customer.
  4. The product is delivered to the preferred location of customer.
  5. Money is sent to the businessman’s account.

The best thing about dropshippig business is that customer will know only your name and brand name, not your drop ship supplier. This is ultimately a chance to spread your business widely.

Steps to follow for Shopify dropshipping:

  1. Naming the store
  2. Creating an Shopify Account
  3. Optimizing the settings
  4. Launching the store

My Online Fashion Store offers 14 day free trial to initially use the Shopify store. Once you have familiar with it and know to use it, then you can subscribe to the monthly and annual membership plan within very little cost.

Other than Shopify, My Online Fashion Store have their own dropship plan. You can also join it. They allow you for custom packaging in which your brand’s name will be attached to the products which will be delivered to your consumers.

Hence, with little efforts, you can earn thousands of dollars in few days. If you have decided to start your own dropshipping business but with reliable and reputable drop shipping suppliers, then contact My Online Fashion Store at: myonlinefashionstore.com

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